Friday, August 12, 2011

Get A Job!

I took this photo a few weeks ago, of my son Kyle on his first day of work.  Well, his first day of work for someone other than us.  Kyle has worked his summers with us since he was 14, but alas, we have had to hire full time help and Kyle was left only filling in as needed.

It was time to get a job.  A job that he could work while he is in school.  So, I talked with Michael who owns MJ's restaurant and got Kyle an interview.  The rest was up to him. 

I waited a few weeks to make sure that all is okay before posting this.  He seems to really enjoy working there. Which as adults we know is half the battle, just enjoying what it is you do!

This past week we ventured in for dinner on a night that Kyle was working.  He was in the front of the house, not the kitchen where he had been the past few nights.  Which meant, he cleared our plates, refilled our water glasses and had to clean the crumbs off our table.  MJ's may have just gotten more business from me, if that is what I have to do to be waited on!

And last, a friend of mine is hosting a Blog Hop.  Please check out the link below!

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