Monday, October 18, 2010

Mmmm....Smells Good!

One weekend down, two more to go.

This weekend finally marked the beginning of the Pumpkin Festival at Hunsader Farms. You poor people who follow my blog have read about this Festival approaching for months.

Every year it is a learning experience. Last year we changed our booth every single day. We added something, took something away, added shelving, etc. We even moved the location of the booth once. Which is where our location is today.

This year, we set the tent up in the back yard and worked out the kinks from there. Do I still want to make some changes, yes. I took some pictures of our booth, I obviously wasn't thinking, because I didn't take a picture of the booth in its entirety. 

Lather Lovely Booth

Lather Lovely Booth

Booth Photo

Yuzu Soap and Fragrance Free

Camo Soap Gift Set (Soap, washcloth and soap dish)

Pumpkin Spice Gift Set

New Bags For packaging this year

View down one row from our booth
View looking down main walkway, that is our booth on the right of the photo

This is Jan and Tonia, they make beautiful decorations from Gourds


As always, the other vendors were wonderful to work with. It is a joy to see Tonia and Jan every year. They are a hoot! Last year they helped us move our booth from next door to them, to across the way. This year, Jeff helped them kill a spider that was in their tent. Spiders in Florida aren't small either, if you are wondering!

We had a good weekend. Saturday started off slow, but Sunday ended with a bang. I will be making soap all week to replenish my supply. The biggest seller? Camo. The fragrance of this soap is amazing. It was actually based off of a mens fragrance oil, but everyone loves this scent!

The title for this post is due to the fact that I wish I could have a dollar for every time someone picks up a soap, smells it and says Mmmm...Smells Good! I wouldn't have to worry about selling anything.

There will probably be more changes to the booth for next week. I have a few more items that I would like to add. I will also focus a little more on my clients next week as well. I will take a few pictures of their smiling faces as they walk away with some of the best soap in their hands!

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