Monday, October 11, 2010

Over Before You Know It

The weekend is over before I even realized it began. 

It was a busy weekend.  I made Pumpkin Pie, Lavender, Plain & Simple, Baby Bar, and Lemongrass soap.  I then worked in to Cucumber & Melon bath bombs, fizzing bath salts, and Kumquat (which smell fantastic) bath salts.

Also got my labels together, the tent is mapped out and cleaned up.  I still have to label, which I can do each night up until Saturday. 

Jeff and I went to dinner Saturday night at Cafe Gabbiano.  Oh my lordy, it was so yummy.  I felt like I was eating inside of wine cellar.  I had the Scaloppine Piccata and Jeff had Pollo Mamma Lucia.  Along with a couple loaves of bread, Buffalo Caprese and a great bottle of wine.  Add in the drive home with the top down, and it was a great evening.

I ended Sunday babysitting for my friend.  We had a good time, even though he was getting sick.  Never seen anyone so excited about going outside before!  You can tell I have too many animals though, instead of asking him if he wanted a snack, I kept asking if he wanted a treat.  I didn't put a leash on him to go for a walk though, so I do know the difference!

Ending this long weekend with a massage.  I am counting down the minutes until she gets here.  I hope everyone had a fun and fulfilling weekend!

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