Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hope Your Christmas Was Merry and Bright!

I hope your Christmas was Merry and Bright!  We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and a quiet Christmas. 

We enjoyed dinner at Michael John's for Christmas Eve.  We have gone to dinner here for the past two years and it is sort of like dining with family!  MJ's was even featured in the Bradenton Herald's Food and Dining section.  It was a well deserved article! 

I do have a photograph with all of us in it, which included my Mom and her husband, but I need to lighten it a bit first. 

Everyone ordered something different for the evening.  I had potato crusted Chilean Sea Bass, Kyle ordered lemon Flounder, Jeff had Prime Rib, Bob had a Delmonico and Mom ordered the Filet Mignon.  A few bottles of wine, appetizers to share and a fantastic artichoke, sun dried tomato soup rounded out our meal. 

We had spent our mornings, opening gifts since Kyle was to go with his Dad later on that evening. 

Kyle is attempting to open his stocking.  While he pets Duchess, Bella virtually sits on him and Nico peaks over the table. 

And where is Gracie you ask?

Trying to hide in between the chairs due to total embarrassment over being dressed in a Santa Suit. 

Kyle's largest gifts this year came from his Grandparents.

What????  Nuh, Uhh... 

It was a 32" TV for his room.  Also came with a new dvd player as well.  He was so excited he could barely stand it.  That is until we told him it wasn't going in his room until he cleaned it.  If I didn't force him to clean it this week, I bet that TV would sit in its box until spring!

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