Thursday, December 2, 2010

Memory Lane

Kyle at 6 months

Last night Kyle and I went to the movies along with one of his friends, the brother of the friend, and the Mom of the friend.

We went to see the new Harry Potter movie. Which was really good, and I have to say, as much as I can't wait to see the final movie, I will be sorry to see it end.

Anyway, when we went into the theater, the three boys all diverted to as far away as they could get from us two Moms. As I sat there waiting for the movie to start, I was thinking of how quickly parenting roles change, how time flies and when the heck did he grow up?

Kyle entered the world weighing a whopping 4 lbs 2 oz and 6 weeks early.  He was a wonderful baby though.  Always laughing and he was just plain easy.

At 2, I felt like he would cling to me and would never let me go.  Anything that didn't go his way, became my problem, and the only way to fix it was to pick him and make it better.  This was also the age that he took the Sharpie pen and drew all over my kitchen walls, floor, cupboards, and appliances.  Thank God for Soft Scrub.  After trying twelve other products, it was the last one in my arsenal and the only one that worked!

At 5 I watched him enter kindergarten and realized that he had let go of my leg and the opportunities to pick him up had become fewer. 

At 8 years old, we dealt with major health issues with Kyle.  It was 2 years of hell trying to find someone who could help us.  I plan on blogging about this in the future, because it could take an entire post.  This is also the age that we met his best friend mentioned above and the boys parents who have become good friends of our family.

When he reached Middle school, and I could fondly remember my own middle school days, I started to feel anxious about how much time had gone by.  Now, he is a sophomore in High School, picking out his class ring and standing an entire foot taller than me.  And not wanting to sit next to his Mom at the movies.

I'm lucky because I have a son who is thoughtful of others, caring and funny as only he could be.  He worries about things and people that boys his age normally don't worry about.  He doesn't frown upon taking time out to visit his Grandparents or even his Great Grandparents. 

As I sat in my seat waiting for the movie to start and listening to the boys in the back, I was thankful for the quick jaunt down memory lane, and for the wonderful boy that I have.


  1. Now I'm in tears! Yes they grow up way too quickly.

  2. I am your new follower from social parade! Would love for you to follow back!

    My son is 2 and I don't want him to grow up! I want him to my baby!