Friday, March 11, 2011

I Don't Get It!

We have owned our own business since 2000.  During this time we have had numerous employees. And also numerous wanna be employees.

What do I mean by that?  This is an example of yesterday.

We placed an ad for a part time position with our company.  Within 4 hours of the ad being posted, we had 9 potentials.  We narrowed those down to three, then spoke and met with them. 

Every single person is pretty much asked the same questions, with the main one being, you are okay with part time?!  And the pay is this, with the potential of increasing.  Every single one of them said yes.  Jeff picked the person he thought would be the most helpful, and offered to let him start today to try it out.  We had a lot of rain yesterday, so he is far behind in the schedule for the week.

Excited with the prospect of having 3 employees today, Jeff headed out the door to get started.  And guess who didn't show up for work this morning! 

I don't get it.  If you don't want the job, just say so.  If something else comes up, have the courtesy to call.  We didn't give the opportunity to others because this one person said they wanted it.  We sold the business back in 2005 for primarily this same reason.  We were tired of people not being honest and not showing up for work.  You can't plan your day when you are not sure if people will show up. 

Work ethic seems to be dying a slow death.  The excuses we hear from employees as to why they are late, not showing up, etc. are almost funny.  But to have people rely on you and you don't show up is just ridiculous.  If there is one thing I hope we are instilling in our son is a good work ethic.  Go to work, do a good job and you will one day be rewarded.  The problem that I see is most want it all and they don't want to work for it. 

Here's to the weekend!  Jeff is going to need it!


  1. I am so with you on this post.

    We are over in Australia and it seems people come to a jobinterview with a list of demands and ....but I can't work on, x oh, and on y .....aaaagh!

    There are less and less people doing all the work and in betweeners drifting along never completing anything!!

    I am with you on this rant!!

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  5. That is crazy, I can't even imagine doing something like that to a potential employer, even if I changed my mind.

    "Most want it all and they don't want to work for it." - SO true.

    Brixton Street