Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week In Review

We went with five couples to the Kenny Chesney Concert this weekend.  We saw Uncle Kracker, Billy Currington, Zac Brown Band and then Kenny Chesney.  It was a long hot day, but the music was great.  Long and hot are the important words in the last sentence.

Most adults realize that this concert is a great big party for adults.  Which means, there is going to be a lot of alcohol.  Add in the heat and the fact that we got there at 2 p.m and didn't leave until 11 p.m. and it becomes a recipe for disaster.  Seeing as I was the designated driver, I was witnessing everyone going down hill really fast!  At the end of the concert, there were only 4 of us left of our party of 12.  What happened to the other 8 people?  Ohhh, they all got kicked out for one reason or another.  Again, heat, alcohol and a long day don't mix well! 

We returned to realize we have an issue with our septic again.  You can read about our last issue (here).  I called the septic company, they came out and pumped our tank and then sent someone else out to take a look.  Seems that our leach field needs to be replaced.  Add in the doors that we are replacing, the new carpet, the tax bill and now the septic and I'm beginning to think someone believes we won the lottery.  We certainly would have waited on the doors if we had an inkling of all the issues we were going to have.

On a brighter note, Duchess had her senior checkup and all is well.  Her medications now cost more than all of our meds combined, but hey, go figure.  The doctor said they have few dogs over the age of 15, let alone Duchess' age of 16.  Her heart and lungs sounded good.  Not sure what we have done, but I guess we need to keep it up!

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