Sunday, July 10, 2011

Smoothie Sunday

This is what my breakfast, lunch and snacks have looked like all week.

photo from therawdivas
 I was searching around the internet last week when I typed in green smoothies into google.  About a million different items popped up, but one caught my attention:  Green Smoothie Queen, AKA The Raw Divas. 

I first tried the 3 day Challenge, which got me hooked!  I have since graduated to the 10 day Challenge, with the full intention of doing a full 21 day Challenge next.  I am still eating dinner, but mind you, much smaller portions since I really haven't been that hungry. 

And the biggest surprise?  My husband has joined along with me!  That was a surprise.  I wasn't expecting for him to agree so easily.  I had my speech all prepared, when he just said "Ok". 

Here is what is in our breakfast smoothie this morning:

1 cup Pineapple
1 cup red grapes
1 banana
Juice of 4 apples
3 cups spinach
Some Ice for blending because I like mine cold!
(This recipe makes about 32 oz)

That is it.  I cut up all of the fruit about 3 times a week and have it stored in the fridge.  This way it takes me a total of 3 minutes to prepare a smoothie. After making the breakfast smoothie, I immediately start making the lunch smoothie so that I can take it with me for the day. 

The recipe above Jeff really liked.  I found it a bit on the too sweet side.  I do have my favorite recipe, but I will give that another time.

After a week of this, here are some noteable changes.  My cravings have up and disappeared without me trying to give them up.  Anyone who knows me, knows I enjoy my coffee and Diet Coke!  I'm down to about a half of a cup of coffee in the morning, and I only had 2 Diet Cokes all week.  And I didn't finish either one.  I also lost 2 lbs without even trying!  That is an accomplishment. 

Check out Green Smoothie Queen.  I hope you will add some greens to your day!

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