Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Skinny Jeans

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This post is on skinny jeans. 

I've come to realize that times change.  But oh, how they stay the same!

When I was in middle school.  Skinny jeans were in.  However, they were not called skinny jeans.  No such thing existed.  My girlfriends and I would buy normal jeans, turn them inside out and resew the inside seam to taper in from above the knee down.  Cut off the extra, and we had our very own skinny jean.  We just didn't know it!

Now, you can just go out and buy a pair of these jeans.
LC Lauren Conrad Skinny Jeans

I like the fact that my friends and I were ahead of the times.  I'm not mentioning how much ahead of the times we were! 

Knowing that we took initiative for what we wanted and created it sets it far apart from being able to go out and buy a pair. 

Who would have guessed that we could have marketed these jeans back then.  There weren't many choices in fashionable denim wear when I was growing up.  Stonewash was cool!

I'm not going into the whole skinny jeans on a guy thing.  I don't understand it, don't personally care for the look of it, and have decided I don't need to understand it!  I'm just saying!

I still like the look of the skinny jean.  However, now my idea is the Hello! Skinny Jean.  These are thigh slimming, stomach flattening, buttocks-shaping, leg lengthening, stretch blue jean. 

I need to get myself a pair! 

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  1. When you figure out how to make those new "Hello Skinny Jeans" let me know - I could use a pair too.