Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hope Your Christmas Was Merry and Bright!

I hope your Christmas was Merry and Bright!  We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and a quiet Christmas. 

We enjoyed dinner at Michael John's for Christmas Eve.  We have gone to dinner here for the past two years and it is sort of like dining with family!  MJ's was even featured in the Bradenton Herald's Food and Dining section.  It was a well deserved article! 

I do have a photograph with all of us in it, which included my Mom and her husband, but I need to lighten it a bit first. 

Everyone ordered something different for the evening.  I had potato crusted Chilean Sea Bass, Kyle ordered lemon Flounder, Jeff had Prime Rib, Bob had a Delmonico and Mom ordered the Filet Mignon.  A few bottles of wine, appetizers to share and a fantastic artichoke, sun dried tomato soup rounded out our meal. 

We had spent our mornings, opening gifts since Kyle was to go with his Dad later on that evening. 

Kyle is attempting to open his stocking.  While he pets Duchess, Bella virtually sits on him and Nico peaks over the table. 

And where is Gracie you ask?

Trying to hide in between the chairs due to total embarrassment over being dressed in a Santa Suit. 

Kyle's largest gifts this year came from his Grandparents.

What????  Nuh, Uhh... 

It was a 32" TV for his room.  Also came with a new dvd player as well.  He was so excited he could barely stand it.  That is until we told him it wasn't going in his room until he cleaned it.  If I didn't force him to clean it this week, I bet that TV would sit in its box until spring!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chicken Pie, Oh My!

Photo courtesy of Centerville Pie Co.

If you read my blog, you know I love food.  Good food that is.  I will try almost anything, especially if it is some sort of comfort food.

During a recent viewing of Oprah, she talked about one of her favorite things being the Chicken Pie from The Centerville Pie Company.  The Centerville Pie Co. has a great story and I really encourage you to read their About Us section of their website.

I ordered a few as gifts, and order myself one.  Mine came yesterday, and since I didn't have anything set for dinner, decided last night was as good as any other. 

Placing the pie in the oven for the one and half hour cooking time, I then boiled some potatoes, and made some extra chicken gravy for them.  The pie comes with gravy, however, I knew it wouldn't be enough for the potatoes.

After cooking, I plated it up, and served it out.  Kyle grabbed his and ran into the other room to eat.  After a few minutes he came running back out to the kitchen.  "Mom", he said, "Oh My Gosh, you need to make this at least once a week.  It is the best dinner ever!"

After thinking things over for a minute, I didn't bother to mention to him that I didn't actually make it.  I did have to place it in the oven, turn the oven on and make the potatoes and gravy that went with it.  I also was struggling with the whole "Best dinner ever" comment.  I have cooked for hours sometimes, and to have this be my "Best Dinner ever" was kind of deflating.  That is when I decided what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him!

The pie was really good!  It has been cold here at night, so it was an excellent dish to serve on a chilly evening! Another thing I considered was serving this when we have company.  Normally I'm cooking like crazy and don't have the time to chit chat too much.  This pie would allow me the free time to visit with company while at the same time serving a great meal!

You can purchase the pie online at Harry and Davids.  Buy one and keep it in your freezer for that one night you don't know what to cook or if you want to impress those that are coming for dinner!

P.S.  Harry and David and the Centerville pie company have no clue who I am, nor do they care!  This was just my opinion!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Starting to Move

Starting to move over to Lather Lovely Life...

It has been and will continue to be a slowww move!

Visit me at

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Biltmore Day 2 Cont'd

After visiting Biltmore for the day, we went back to the Inn to freshen up, grab a snack because we weren't schedule for dinner until 8 p.m., and add a few more layers to our clothing since we were going through Biltmore at night for the Candlelight tour.

So, back to Biltmore we went to visit it at night.

The trees were lit all around.  See the tiny white bags everywhere?  Those were candles, that once it was completely dark, they were lit everywhere.  They went on for a few miles up and down the drive and along the walls and home.

They alter the house a bit for the candlelight tour.  As you entered there was a chorus singing Christmas music in the solarium.  All of the trees in each of the rooms was lit, including the giant 40 foot tree in the banquet hall.  It really was something to see.

Biltmore House at night.

After the tour, we went back to the Inn and changed for dinner in the Dining Room.  We were both hungry after a long day of walking.  The Dining Room is located in the Inn, on the bottom floor.

Stairway to the Dining Room

Dining Room

After we were seated, our server, Lisa came over to discuss our menu options.  Since we had meals included in our stay, she recommended the Chef's Tasting Menu.  A five course meal w/wine pairings.  You don't know what the Chef will cook for you, you have to put your trust in him.  We decided to take her up on her recommendation, let go of our inhibitions and let someone else decide what we would eat.

This is how our courses went.
First Course:  Roasted Quail with Spiced Pear, Arugula Salad and Cider Syrup
Second Course:  Seared Scallop with Fennel Mousseline, Orange Salad, Citrus Reduction
Third Course:  Pan Seared Trout with Caramelized Leek Bread Pudding, Broccoli Raab, Celery Root and Banyuls Vinegar
Pallet Cleanser:  Raspberry sorbet w/berries and Champagne (all I can say about this was YUM!)
Fourth Course: Mustard Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Silver Corn Grits, Winter Vegetable Hash, Apple Rosemary Reduction (The Chef actually won the NC Iron Chef competition with this dish, and he deserved it!)
Fifth Course:  Dessert, was an apple tart with, I think, Cinnamon Ice Cream.  By this point I was so full from wine and food, I could barely concentrate!

I cannot express how wonderful this dinner was.  I love good food.  And this was by far, some of the best food I have ever had!  We went back to our room collapsed and went to bed happy!

P.S.  Don't forget it's Sunday!

Relax and Surf Sunday

Friday, December 17, 2010

Biltmore Day 2

Day 2 of our visit to Biltmore, started out at the Main House.  It is really impressive to see.  You travel up this wooded winding 2 mile road and all of a sudden, there it is.  You can't see it the entire trip up. 

I can only imagine what people thought when it opened in 1895.  As impressive as it is to see now, back then it must have been amazing to see.  The house had full plumbing and electricity from the first day it was built.

We decided that first we would walk up the giant hill in front of the home.  Doesn't look too bad from this shot.

This is really how far away we were.  It was a steep climb, but so worth the view.  And as we were the only ones up there, I had to set the timer on the camera to get this shot. 

They turned the old stable area into shops and small cafe's.  The area above the stables with the windows were the male servant quarters.  One thing I found interesting was the clock on top of the stables.

This clock was the main clock for all servants.  All of the clocks in the servant areas of the house were wired and linked to this clock.  That way, all clocks had the same time and no one would have an excuse to be late. 

We took a walk around the side of the house and into the garden area.  From here the house almost looks like a large home instead of the 4 acres of living space that it actually is!

You are not allowed to photograph the interior of the home.  They are trying to preserve how the home looked at the time it was lived in and even with the amount of people entering every day, they have done a great job.

Jeff and I also took a Behind the Scenes Tour of how the servants lived and worked at Biltmore.  It was my favorite part!  You learn to understand that wall color would let you know if you were in a servants area or a guest area.  We traveled to the basement to view the huge coal furnaces that heated the home.  Can't imagine having that job!

There isn't enough information that they can currently piece together in regards to what it cost to build the home.  However, there are two elevators in the home.  One is the servant elevator that stops at every level from the basement up.  From discussions with Otis Elevators, they know that elevator cost $250 fully installed back in 1894!

Day 2 will have to be split into two posts!  Wait until you hear about our dinner!  Oh my!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Biltmore Day 1

I have wanted to visit Biltmore for quite some time.  We were supposed to go in the spring, but weather and work deterred our trip.

Having found fantastic prices for airfare, I jumped off the ledge and booked us a trip to Asheville, NC for December staying on Biltmore property at the Biltmore Inn.  It would just be Jeff and I getting away for a weekend.  I cannot express how excited I was about this trip!

We arrived at Biltmore Inn and this was the first clue I had to how cold it was going to be.

Waterfall in front of Biltmore Inn and yes, it is frozen

Frozen Waterfall

There is a huge waterfall in the center of the driveway at Biltmore Inn.  It didn't feel that cold outside to me, but seeing that allowed me to rethink my ideas of what is cold.

It is a well known fact to those that know me, that I don't do well in the heat.  I know, I know, what the heck am I doing living in Florida then?!  That just boils down to moving here when I was in High School, going to college here, getting married here, and now having a child in High School here.  There is no way out for me!  So, I was a happy camper to be in the cold! 

After parking the car, we entered the lobby.  All I can say is WOW!

This was the Inn made out of cake!

The Inn truly was beautiful.  Elegance was everywhere, and the staff went above and beyond what you would normally expect at a hotel.

Terrace Room on the 1st Floor

Since we got in later than expected due to a delay in Atlanta, (now there's a surprise!) we just hung around the Inn until dinner.  We walked down to the Bistro for dinner.  It looked a lot closer than it turned out to be when we decided to walk.  It wouldn't have been bad except that it was around 25 degrees outside.  Needless to say, the next few days we either drove around the property ourselves or took the shuttle service!

The food was fantastic and after a long day of traveling we were both ready for bed.  We had a big day planned for Friday which included a day tour of Biltmore, Candlelight tour of Biltmore, Servant Behind the Scenes tour and dinner at The Dining Room. 

Tomorrow I will publish photos from our visit to Biltmore and photos of The Dining Room! 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mid Winter Break

Blog Be Dandy has been on a mid winter break. 

As if you hadn't noticed!

I will be back blogging photos and updates of our trip to Asheville, North Carolina starting tomorrow.

It was a fantastic trip and one I would love to do again.

Come back tomorrow for a daily update of our adventures!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby Its Cold Outside

Okay, live and learn...this was a screen shot of this mornings temperatures.  I didn't realize that it would change as the day changed.   So, lets pretend that is says 37 in Bradenton.  Thanks.
This is a screen shot of our local weather.   I'm sitting here amazed right now that our local weather at 6:30 this morning was 37 degrees.  Ummm.  Hello???  I live in Florida?

Don't get me wrong, I love the colder weather.  I can dress for work and not sweat my makeup off before I even leave the house.

But 37 for early December is stretching even my belief that I live in Florida and therefor I am NOT turning on the heat.

This is always a battle for my husband and I.  He walks around in sweats, thick socks and slippers, moaning that it is cold.  I on the other hand, will be in yoga pants and a t-shirt with bare feet, moaning that I am hot. 

Gotta love the female hormones.  (Sorry to those that are reading this that feel that is too personal!)

Here is an example of our conversation this morning.

Me:  "Morning.  Brrr.  It's chilly."

Him:  " I don't want to hear it.  Last night I got up to use the bathroom.  I'm freezing, I run back to bed and get under the covers as fast as I can.  I then glance over at you.  There you are sound  asleep with NO COVERS ON!"

As I stated before, Gotta Love Them Female Hormones!

Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Friday

It is cold outside.  I know not as cold as some of you who are reading this and live up North, but for us Floridians, it's cold!

I have a lot to do today, so I have to keep this short! 

Here are a few Blog Hops for your reading pleasure!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Memory Lane

Kyle at 6 months

Last night Kyle and I went to the movies along with one of his friends, the brother of the friend, and the Mom of the friend.

We went to see the new Harry Potter movie. Which was really good, and I have to say, as much as I can't wait to see the final movie, I will be sorry to see it end.

Anyway, when we went into the theater, the three boys all diverted to as far away as they could get from us two Moms. As I sat there waiting for the movie to start, I was thinking of how quickly parenting roles change, how time flies and when the heck did he grow up?

Kyle entered the world weighing a whopping 4 lbs 2 oz and 6 weeks early.  He was a wonderful baby though.  Always laughing and he was just plain easy.

At 2, I felt like he would cling to me and would never let me go.  Anything that didn't go his way, became my problem, and the only way to fix it was to pick him and make it better.  This was also the age that he took the Sharpie pen and drew all over my kitchen walls, floor, cupboards, and appliances.  Thank God for Soft Scrub.  After trying twelve other products, it was the last one in my arsenal and the only one that worked!

At 5 I watched him enter kindergarten and realized that he had let go of my leg and the opportunities to pick him up had become fewer. 

At 8 years old, we dealt with major health issues with Kyle.  It was 2 years of hell trying to find someone who could help us.  I plan on blogging about this in the future, because it could take an entire post.  This is also the age that we met his best friend mentioned above and the boys parents who have become good friends of our family.

When he reached Middle school, and I could fondly remember my own middle school days, I started to feel anxious about how much time had gone by.  Now, he is a sophomore in High School, picking out his class ring and standing an entire foot taller than me.  And not wanting to sit next to his Mom at the movies.

I'm lucky because I have a son who is thoughtful of others, caring and funny as only he could be.  He worries about things and people that boys his age normally don't worry about.  He doesn't frown upon taking time out to visit his Grandparents or even his Great Grandparents. 

As I sat in my seat waiting for the movie to start and listening to the boys in the back, I was thankful for the quick jaunt down memory lane, and for the wonderful boy that I have.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Skinny Jeans

INC International Concepts Jeans, Curvy Fit Skinny Leg Signature

This post is on skinny jeans. 

I've come to realize that times change.  But oh, how they stay the same!

When I was in middle school.  Skinny jeans were in.  However, they were not called skinny jeans.  No such thing existed.  My girlfriends and I would buy normal jeans, turn them inside out and resew the inside seam to taper in from above the knee down.  Cut off the extra, and we had our very own skinny jean.  We just didn't know it!

Now, you can just go out and buy a pair of these jeans.
LC Lauren Conrad Skinny Jeans

I like the fact that my friends and I were ahead of the times.  I'm not mentioning how much ahead of the times we were! 

Knowing that we took initiative for what we wanted and created it sets it far apart from being able to go out and buy a pair. 

Who would have guessed that we could have marketed these jeans back then.  There weren't many choices in fashionable denim wear when I was growing up.  Stonewash was cool!

I'm not going into the whole skinny jeans on a guy thing.  I don't understand it, don't personally care for the look of it, and have decided I don't need to understand it!  I'm just saying!

I still like the look of the skinny jean.  However, now my idea is the Hello! Skinny Jean.  These are thigh slimming, stomach flattening, buttocks-shaping, leg lengthening, stretch blue jean. 

I need to get myself a pair! 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Relax and Read These!

Shibley Smiles Sunday Blog Hop

It's Sunday.  Gosh, where did the week go?  Click one of the above links and surf some other fun blogs!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Too Full, So Here Are A Few Giveaways!

Yesterdays Thanksgiving dinner turned out wonderful.  My very first Turkey looked like something you would want to eat, as well as tasted as good as it looked!  Whew.  Can't tell you how nervous I was when I realized I was cooking my first turkey and there would be 14 hungry people if I didn't do it well. 

Also cooked dressing for the first time.  I didn't enjoy that.  It turned out really well, but I found making it frustrating.  I just kept adding liquid, and adding liquid. How do you truly know when enough is enough?  It had good reviews though, so I guess my method worked.

I'm currently too full to discuss anything else, so during my morning computer searches, I stumbled across a great giveaway.  3 Princes and A Princess 2 is giving away a George Foreman Evolve Grill valued at $129.99!

Another giveaway is at Shibley Smiles.  She is giving away a Nutra Sonic Professional Cleansing System.

So, run, walk, or hitchhike over to 3 Princes And A Princess 2 and to Shibley Smiles to sign up for these fantastic giveaways!  Okay, you can't walk, run or hitchhike over there, but you can let your fingers do the walking for you!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Mistake

Back in May, I thought of moving my blog to its own domain.  That way one wouldn't have to type in such a long address.  Well, I thought of it, verified that the address was available, logged in to my GoDaddy account, and then?  I guess I did nothing. 

This week while trying to decide if I was ready to leave the Blogger world and enter Wordpress, I decided to take a class offered through April Showers.  With taking this class, I needed to grab some information from my domain name.  I logged into my GoDaddy account, and yep you guessed it.

Nada.  Nothing.  Zero.  No domain name of BlogBeDandy. 

I then went in to see if it was still available.  Guessed right again.

Nada.  Nothing.  Zero.  It has already been purchased.  And guess when that was?  MAY!!!  I can't help but feel that there is someone out there who recognizes domain name searches and purchases them for resale.  I'm usually fairly good at purchasing domain names when I think of them.  I think I currently own 7 of them.  But, not the one I needed now.

So, I purchased a new domain name.  And this blog will be moving. 

Our new web address will be  It is currently in the design stage, and should be up and running sometime the first week of December, along with the Lather Lovely site. 

You won't have to worry, once everything is up and running you will be redirected to the new page until you can remember to add the new site to your favorites.  So, for now, Blog Be Dandy is still the place for you to check in at every day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh, The Memories

When Kyle turned 6 in 2001, Jeff and I bought him a swing set with a matching play tower.  It was huge and had to be purchased in pieces and built.  It took Jeff a little over 4 days to build it.  It was so impressive that when we moved in to our current home, we moved the two play sets with us!

I have pictures that I would love to place here of that time, however, that was in the days of scrap booking.  Those pictures aren't coming off those pages and I'm not in the mood to scan and crop.  Sorry.

Here we are 9 years later and Jeff is again helping to put up a swing set.  My close friend has a son who is 2 years old.  When I babysat for him back in October, I discovered he loves, and I mean loves to go outside.  He needed a swing set.  A bunch of us pitched in to give him one for Christmas, but who can wait until Christmas when it comes to a 2 year olds happiness?

Could you tell this face, sorry you need to wait another month?

We delivered the play set yesterday afternoon.  Of course it comes in pieces and Logan was more than happy to help carry the pieces back.  He was also very pleased with all of the pieces just laying in the yard! 

And of course, there was the box.  Nothing like the imagination of a 2 year old and a 15 year old when it comes to a box. 

Kyle is hiding in the box and sticking his hand out through a hole, Logan is checking it out.

This was Kyle trying to get out of there before I could get the picture.  It is a little blurry, but I have the proof that he is still a little boy at heart!

As time progressed, Logan caught on to what we had.

Logan checking out the picture of the play set on the box.

And here, he discovers the slide.  Who needs to attach it to have fun?

And then, there is my son.  Who kept Logan a little occupied, but mostly occupied himself.  For instance, I glanced over at him and he had a piece of the play set hanging on his head.  When I asked him what he was doing, he said "Look, I'm Lady Gaga!"  Gotta give the boy credit for his imagination!

Lady Gaga Himself

Unfortunately we ran out of sunlight and had a tired and hungry little boy on our hands.  Logan, not Kyle!  We headed inside and when Logan realized he couldn't go back outside he wasn't happy.  To which point we left.  (Sorry Kim)

We will be back tonight to finish before sundown.  I will post final pics tomorrow!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Morning Ramblings

Well, the show didn't get any better and I officially have a cold.  Typical of me and the week of Thanksgiving. 

Craft Fairs are a lot of work for us vendors.  Not too mention the time we put into them.  One of the best benefits of craft shows are the other vendors you meet. 

This past weekend we were placed across from Jo and Tony from Y Not Jo's.  Their product is the Arm Buddie.  They also had these cool wine glass candle holders and marshmallow shooters.  If you have never seen a marshmallow shooter, you need to be on the look out at your next craft show.  These pvc pipe guns are the coolest thing.  You load them with mini marshmallows, aim, blow and it shoots the marshmallow out.  Jeff and I were their target practice for the weekend.  I found mini marshmallows everywhere in my booth as we were cleaning it out!

Okay, I have to confess, I'm not 100% sure that his name was Tony.  I'm sorry.  The weekend takes a lot out of you!  Also, Tony, if that isn't your name ( I know it was Tony, Terry, etc) I'm blaming the marshmallow to my forehead shot that you hit me with!

Another two weekends and another two shows.  Smaller in size and venue, but just trying to get the name out there.  Also finishing the website.  Yes, for those that have followed me for a while, I've been saying that.  Procrastination, remember?! 

Oh, one other thing.  I signed on to my blog yesterday and realized I had a bunch of new followers.  Thank you, by the way.  It's nice to have you!  And then I finally realized where they came from!  Blog Be Dandy was featured on Healthy Home Blog.  Thanks Charla for the shout out! 

Busy week ahead.  I'm making the turkey this year for Thanksgiving.  I obviously had a momentarily common sense melt down when I volunteered for that one!  It will be my first and there are 14 of us this year! 

Have a wonderful Holiday week!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Craft Shows and My Dad

Today was the first day of my second craft show during the holiday season at Mixons.  I did this show last year while my husband was in Las Vegas.  And no, I wasn't invited seeing as it was a guys weekend.  My Dad was visiting that week and got roped in to helping me.  With the show last year, helping me only required him to sit outside in beautiful weather and talk to me most of the day.  And even at one point, as I was out front of the tent talking to some people and glanced in, my Dad was sound asleep in his chair.  No, it wasn't all that busy.

Well Dad, cuz I know you are reading this,  you didn't miss anything new this year!  The weather was beautiful as always.  The people just didn't show.  And then to top it all off?  I think I'm getting sick.  Nothing makes for a longer day than feeling horrible and having to sit in an uncomfortable chair and wanting nothing more than a nap.  I totally get my Dad now and how he could sleep at a craft show.  All though, he wasn't sick, just enjoying the weather which he certainly was not getting in November in upstate New York!

So, at 6:30 p.m. I hopped into bed.  I woke up at 9:00 p.m.  It is now 11:40 p.m. and here I am.  And I still feel like crap!  Which is why I can't sleep.   And all I can think is I have to do this again tomorrow?  UGH.

Anyway, miss you Dad.  Wish you were here.  And I totally understand why you skipped this week this year!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another Big Weekend

I'm currently prepping for another big weekend for my soaps.  We will be at Mixons Fruit Farms Fall Festival.  Wow, say that three times fast!

Prepping this week by getting supplies in and making soap!  Yesterday was a new batch of Oatmeal and Honey.  I didn't have this at my last show, but personally it is one of my favorites! 

Also did some gift baskets for a friend of mine.  Have to admit, they turned out quite well.  I did take pictures and I will post them tomorrow. 

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sticker Shock

Received my Cobra paperwork today.  Yes, that means I'm not working.  Another story for another time, but not for this blog!

Anyway, I am still reeling from Sticker Shock. 

Why can we not get health care that is affordable and available?????

I went through this rant while a good friend of mine was dealing with the health issues of her son.  We have the best care in the world in this country, but you better be able to pay for it!

So, I'm off to start digging through for insurance.  Don't you wish you were me?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Relax and Read These!

BWS tips button

Click and Take A Break Reading all of these other blogs! 

I'm taking today off, if you haven't already noticed!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lunch with Kyle

Today I had lunch with Kyle. Jeff is off at the Redneck Yacht Club for the weekend, enjoying a well deserved overnight stay.

At lunch I forced Kyle to leave his IPOD in the car and actually carry on a conversation with me. Our discussion covered, video games, paint ball games, more video games, and then, wait for it...CHRISTMAS WISH LIST!

Yes, Kyle still makes a list at the age of 15.  Hey, I realized a long time ago that a list is the perfect thing.  One, it allows Kyle to vent out all of the items he would like without it being repeated over and over.  It also, for the next two months, allows me to say "Add it to your list" every time he asks for something.  It is like a reprieve for my wallet. 

So, as he rambled on about the items that will go on his list this year, I started realizing that Thanksgiving is only a week and a half away.

One item that I love about Christmas time is being able to play Christmas music. I have a wide arrangement of Christmas CD's and they start being played the day after Thanksgiving. Today, I discovered that there is a CD out by Dave Barnes who is one of my favorites! I saw his video for one of his Christmas songs and it features another favorite of mine, Hillary Scott(of Lady Antebellum if you have been living under a rock somewhere)and the video features Jennifer Love Hewitt. I thought I would get you all thinking of the upcoming Holidays.

Yeah, you can thank me later!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yeah, There's That

Here is an example of a conversation I had with my 15 yr old son last night.

Me:  "You have got to get working on your homework.  You are failing a class and if you don't get your homework done, you will be failing another."

Him:  "I'm doing it."

Me:  "What is IT ?"

Him:  "I have to read this book."

Me:  "You are lying in bed with the lights off, how the heck could you possibly be reading that book?"

Him:  "I was going to turn the lights on."

Me:  "I suggest you turn the lights on NOW and get to reading that book before you get too far behind."

Him:  "Whatever.  I'm not failing anyway."

Me:  "Your current grade is a 43?" (and at this point my voice is at a fever pitch)

Him:  "Yeah, there's that."

Me:  "Huh?"

My son struggling in school is not something new or out of the ordinary.  He just doesn't like it and never has.  There seems to be a strong disconnect with schools and how they interact with boys. 

For example, I was looking at the book he is reading.  I can understand his disinterest.  I read every day.  EVERY day.  I love to read.  I will read anything and everything. 

I wouldn't read this book.  Not interested, doesn't sound interesting and I couldn't be forced to be interested in it.  However, I find myself having to be the good parent and tell him he has to read it and get his homework done.  Seeing as he doesn't like to read, I may as well have just banished him to a life with no IPOD. 

One good thing, he doesn't read my blog either!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Favorite Thing...For Now

This is my favorite thing, for now anyway:

Yes, it is my FoodSaver.  (Minus the fish that is in the picture!)
Yesterday I went to our local discount warehouse and purchased enough food for a month.  It took me over an hour to repackage everything.  This was my stash when I was done.  So worth the time!
I buy steaks from a local restaurant here in town.  I can't beat his prices and his cuts of meat are just fabulous!  Normally I bring them home and vacuum seal them.  When it is time to use them, they appear fresh and look as if I placed them in the fridge the day before.
These have been in my freezer for about a month

Last week, I bought four more since I was down to my last two.  I was in a hurry the next morning, threw them in a ziplock bag and stuck them in my freezer.  Yesterday after sealing all of my new purchases, I was organizing the freezer and came across this.

Don't you just want to cook these right up?

I've learned my lesson.  I now vow to take the time and seal all of my purchases when I get home.  The extra time it takes, is worth it in the long run.