Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm Really Behind!

We have had quite a few busy weeks here in the Gambler household.  Birthdays, relatives visiting, craft shows just to name a few.  I will be posting about all of these over the next few days as I organize pictures to post. 

These posts will NOT be in chronological order.  I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl!  Actually, I will be posting depending on which photos are available as I'm sitting at the computer at 4 a.m. and  only willing to post photos that are currently in the computer since I don't want to turn on a light.

My Dad was down visiting for a week, so we grabbed my cousins daughter from college close by, and along with Kyle spent a day at Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens

A great time was had by all.  Kyle and Tory rode every roller coaster at least once, and ALWAYS in the front row.  First up was Cheetah Hunt:

I was thankful for Tory's bright blue shirt.  It made them easy to pick out when the went by.

And away they go.  The Cheetah Hunt actually is so long that the entire ride is over 3 minutes long.  In roller coaster time, that is a long one!

This was Sheikra.  Lets pause for a moment.  What you can't tell with this photo is that the ride takes you up 200ft, then as it comes over to plunge you at a 90 degree angle, it stops.  Yes, stops and hangs you there.  So I actually had no problem taking this picture, as they posed for it!

At this point, my Dad and I bid them goodbye and went off on our own.  We caught up with them 4 hours later, to hear all about the rides and the fact that they had never stopped to eat.  If you eat, you cannot ride, so they waited until they knew we would be leaving before settling down to grab a bite.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lather Lovely is here! Finally!

It is finally up and running.  Lather Lovely has a website that is actually working.  It isn't complete yet, but it is there.  It only took me 3 years!  Please check it out at

We are headed to Clermont, Fl this weekend to participate Lakeridge Winery's Winefest.  Of course, the weather has been fantastic, now this weekend it is supposed to rain.  Go figure.  At least we did buy a new tent last month, which should keep us dry.  Our old tent had started to show some wear, and for certain shows, they require you to have a white tent.  Mine was beige. 

I will update the blog through the weekend with pictures of the Winefest!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

He Is Back, For Now....

Nico was returned to us yesterday morning.  He had traveled quite the distance and by the looks of him had been up all night running.  Our posters were up about 5 minutes when we received the first call that someone had him.

We brought him home where we bathed him (that ought to teach him to run away again, he hates getting a bath!), fed him and let him lay on the big dog cushion to sleep.  We had to keep all the other animals away from him as he came home really cranky.

As in, bare your teeth at everyone, kind of cranky.

Today he is up and back to his old self.  The dog pen has been repaired, again, and hopefully we will not be posting another lost dog post.

In other animal news, our darling Duchess just turned 17.  She is like the energizer bunny!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year, Same Old Issues

It is a brand new year and I am faced with an issue we have had multiple times in the past.

Nico has escaped, yet again.  Back in 2010, Nico ran away.  Which led to us to finding someone else's dog and also rescuing Bella.  You can click on all of the links and read those stories.  But today, I find myself once again printing Lost Dog posters with this face on them

I've lost track how many times Nico has gotten out.  He is a runner, that is all I can say.  But this time, I have to admit it was my fault.  We left for dinner, and I completely forgot the dogs were in the dog pen.  Not sure where my head was.  Certainly not with the dogs.  When we came home, Nico had dug out.  Don't know when, other than somewhere between 7:15 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. 

Keep us and him in your thoughts and lets keep our fingers crossed that we find him, again.