Sunday, January 30, 2011


I can't believe I'm about to blog about this, but I have to find some accountability somewhere. 

Last month, I joined Weight Watchers.  I have about (gulp) 30 lbs to lose.  I really like the changes that Weight Watchers has made to their plan, with the new points plus.  I needed to join a weight loss plan that would still allow me to eat dinner with my family.  I have lost every week that I have gone in to weigh myself.  But if I don't get my butt moving soon, that will stop.  I have to exercise, I know I have to exercise, but I don't.

I know I need to do this for myself. I'm tired of buying jeans that have Lycra in them. As much as I love my yoga pants, and know that no matter what I weigh, I will still wear them, I would like to wear them to actually do yoga. 

For that reason, I'm posting here my goals, my successes, my failures and anything else that I may find on this journey.  Hopefully, knowing that others will be watching and reading will help me stay accountable to myself.  My true goal is to have lost at least 15 lbs by the time my husband and I go on a cruise at the end of March for our birthdays.  (Yes, my husband and I have the same birthday, different year, but same day)

I would love to hear from anyone else who has lost weight, is in the process of bettering themselves or needs to better themselves.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Failure and Success

Due to a momentarily lapse in all common sense, as well as there possibly being a temporary loss of brain function, Kyle did something the last day of school before Christmas break that was nothing short of stupid! This stupid act caused him to be suspended for the first week back to school after Christmas break. (Yeah, his punishment was 3 weeks off of school instead of 2. As you can imagine he was devastated.)

Anyway, his punishment at home was that he lost all electrical devices for the first week of Christmas break, no t.v, no IPOD, no computer, no Playstation. And, if we went somewhere he had to go along with us. Even if I just ran to the grocery store, Kyle came along.  This did not settle well with my 15 year old.  There were no complaints though, as I think he knew he was lucky that his punishment wasn't worse.  (one of these days I will have to post about taking his door off the hinges to his room.)

The second part of his punishment was that he had to work for our company for 3 weeks with NO pay. Because, I now had to pay the tutor double time since Kyle already struggled with school and now he wouldn't be there.  For those of you who haven't had a chance to read previous posts about our struggle with Kyle and school, take my word for it, it has been awful.

We finally found a tutor that Kyle enjoys working with and keeps him concentrated through the one to two hour sessions twice a week. Richie (the tutor) started working with Kyle in December. I wish I had known Richie for the past few years instead of just a month. The difference in Kyle's homework and test grades has been just below miraculous!

Kyle took his Semester exams last week.  HE PASSED EVERY SINGLE ONE! 

The look on Kyle's face when he realized he even passed his math exam was priceless. 

So, we worked through a failure and a lot of successes this past month.  Failure in common sense, but a huge success in realizing consequences to those failures.  As well as success in realizing that if you truly work hard towards something you can achieve it!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Final Days

It is the final few days for the Thirty-One Thermal Tote sale.  I have both the large and small tote and use them frequently for everything! 

Who gets comments on their lunch bags?  I do!

And, if you are a stay at home Mom looking for extra income, Thirty-One is the way to go.  Take a look around my website at

Also, it is Thursday, which means it is a Blog Hopping Day!

thirsty thursday

Wednesday, January 26, 2011



1. the act or an instance of motivating.

2. the state or condition of being motivated.

3. something that motivates; inducement; incentive.

Yep, that is the definition of motivation.  Which I seem to be lacking.  There are 500 items on my to do list.  Yet, here I sit, trying to motivate myself to do them.
The weather isn't helping.  It has been overcast, windy and rainy since yesterday.  I struggle to get moving when it looks like it is 7 p.m. outside. 
Had to laugh when I pulled up to grab the definition of motivation and saw what the word of the day was.  GUNG-HO!  I don't think I ever realized that was a word.  Or maybe I didn't realize that it was one word.  Did I really believe it to be two words?  Gung and Ho?  Yeah, never mind.  Not going there.
These are the conversations running around in my head.  Scary isn't it?  Guess I should motivate myself to clean the bathrooms today.  Hmmm...I will let you know how that goes!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend In Review

It was a 3 day weekend for us, and I'm sitting here wondering where it went.  I guess that is what happens, when you have something to do and somewhere to be every single day.

Jeff and I visited the Home Show on Friday afternoon.  And, since we live in a 20 year old home, we could talk to just about everyone in every booth and find something to do at our house.  Instead we chose to meet with a few people in the upcoming weeks to discuss windows and water treatment systems. 

We really need new windows in the back of the house.  The one door/window doesn't even close completely.  I sit and watch the dollar signs float out the area in between the door and the wall.  Here is my problem....

Have you seen the price of doors/windows?  I thought needing a new mattress was bad.  I guess when you only need to replace something every 20-30 years, they really get you on it. 

Oh, yeah.  The mattress.  We need one of those too.  My chiropractor would appreciate me not getting a new one, seeing as I'm keeping him in business.  I'm tired of not sleeping.  4 to 5 hours a night just doesn't do it for me!

Kyle's grades were posted, which caused me to have a momentary meltdown.  His math exam grade posted as a 2 F.  Yes, you read that right.  2!  After questioning him like he was being held for a criminal investigation, I emailed his teacher requesting how he could have possibly only gotten a 2. 

Did she give him credit for putting his name on the top of the paper?

In the end, it was the 2 points that were eligible for the written portion.  The main test hadn't been graded yet and posted.  The 2 was supposed to be hidden from view.  I can't even imagine how many emails that teacher received from parents!

Kyle passed every exam and actually passed every class this quarter.  A few classes, he just skimmed by, but I'm relieved that the tutor is working out. Here is to looking at Second Semester with high hopes!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Blog Hops

Today I'm Thankful for a few bloghops.  I have a couple of busy days ahead of me. 

So, sit back, relax and look around at some of these other great blogs!

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thirsty thursday
Thirsty Thursday

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Reason I Have Only One Child

Kyle is it.  The one and only.  And he takes up all of my time.  This morning is a perfect example. In  my previous posts, I discussed his schedule at school for this week of exams.  Crazy schedule, I know.  However, what I failed to pay attention to, because why would I, was the start time of the school day. 

I brought Kyle to school today, turned into the school and it was no man's land.  No one.  Nada.  As I came around into the car loop, I could see a few buses dropping kids off.  But I was the ONLY car in the car riding lane.  This is not normal.  Usually it takes me 15 minutes to just get through the car loop.  Oh, and the student parking lot?  EMPTY!

I turned to Kyle and asked him what time school started today.  His response, "same time it always starts."  Ummm....look around, obviously not!

I dropped him off anyway, with strict instructions to go wait at his math teachers room to hand in the homework that has been sitting in his backpack for a week!  I drove home, pulled up the schedule online and sure enough...7:30-8:30 - BRUNCH. 

I could have slept in!  UGH.  And why would I have slept in you might ask?  Because my other reason for only having one child is that I have 4 dogs.

One was sick last night, starting at about 10:45 (because no one can be sick during the day when you want to take care of them).  Jeff and I were up again at 3 with the same dog.  Then it started to pour at around 5.  One dog that doesn't like the rain equals 4 dogs getting upset due to dog number 1 being upset.  When the alarm went off at 6 I just wanted to cry. 

Now I am off to the dentist, Kyle has his appointment with the dentist at 1:30 today, because lets remember he is out of school at 12:30!  Then tomorrow we start all over again, Kyle in exams, but it is Jeff's turn at the dentist and doctors.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

High School

I don't remember having as many days off or as many half days as my son has currently in High School. 

Here is his schedule for this week:

Monday off for MLK
Tuesday full day
Wednesday half day
Thursday half day
Friday off for Teacher In Service Day

It is exam week, so they complete their exams and pretty much go home.  It would be nice if they offered study halls so that the kids could study for their exams the following day.  Kyle's brain shuts off the minute he walks out of school.

Keep your fingers crossed for Kyle and his exams.  He has been working closely with a tutor since the week of Christmas, wish I had found the tutor back in August!  We again are playing catch up due to the fact that Kyle returned to school a week later than anyone else after the Christmas break.  Long story that just really shouldn't be posted here!

I need to go grab my second cup of coffee and get Kyle up for his only full day of school this week!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


We have replaced all of the toilets in our home over the last 8 years.  4 toilets over that period of time.  Why am I discussing toilets?  Because last night we bought toilet number 5.  There are 4 bathrooms at our house.  The average life span of a toilet is supposed to be 10-15 years.  I don't think our master bedroom bathroom is used to an unnatural capacity.  It obviously decided it was going to only have a 5 year life span. 

Yes, as you are sitting there reading this, I am posting about toilets.  And yes, there is a story with this post.

When we replaced the toilet 5 years ago, we decided to replace the one in Kyle's bathroom as well.  He had the ugliest toilet.  It was a yellowish brown color.  Just plain ugly.  I decided to put a white one in so that when we remodeled the bathroom, which still hasn't happened, it would be easier to match. 

Jeff replaced them both and we didn't think anything more about it.  Kyle came home from school and went running in to use the bathroom.  (because he doesn't go at school, so he runs in like a maniac trying to get there in time.  I just don't understand it, but I've learned, I don't question it anymore)  Kyle comes out looks at me and says "Wow Mom.  You must have been working hard today cleaning the house.  My toilet is the CLEANEST I have ever seen it.  It is soooo WHITE!"

Jeff doubled over in laughter and I glared at both of them.  Kyle seriously thought his toilet had just been dirty.  And obviously HE had never tried to clean it.  I tried to calmly explain to him that the color of the toilet had nothing to do with my cleanliness, but the fact that it was a new toilet.  To which Kyle responded with "Oh.  Good.  I was beginning to worry that you didn't ever clean it." 

As he turned and walked away from me, this conversation already gone from his mind, I realized all that parents do that our children don't even notice!  Like cleaning an already brown toilet.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blog Hop Sunday

Lots of other blogs to review!  Gotta Love Sunday!


Sunday Strolling Blog Hop


Every few months, a few of us girls get together for dinner and then we drive to a show in Tampa. 
Our last night out had been to see Wicked.  It was my third time seeing it and it never gets old.  Up until last night it had been my favorite musical.

As I said, up until last night.

Last night we went to see Wonderland.  I bought the tickets back in August, without any knowledge of what the show truly was about other than Alice is all grown up.  I tend to get nervous when I talk 5 other people into buying tickets for a show that we haven't heard of yet.  This musical isn't scheduled to open on Broadway until April!

We had a good dinner and drove to the show.  When we entered the theatre, you could hear the rumblings of the staff who had seen Wonderland a few nights prior.  They loved it.  One of the best shows out there, they said!  Have to admit, I was getting excited.

I was wandering around looking at all of the items that were sale when I came across this shirt.

I wanted this shirt badly.  I understand, wrong show, but I really wanted this shirt.  Even though it was hanging up by the cashier, they didn't have it for sale.  Huh?  Why have a shirt that you don't even have for sale?  Oh, well.  I did find it online today, so it will eventually be mine!

Okay, back to Wonderland.  It was wonderful!  Ha, get it, Wonderland, Wonderful!  I know, stupid, sorry.

If you will be headed to New York City in the spring and summer, you must check out this show.  It is good for all ages, great music, great cast and most of all, a great story.  This show raised the bar for the shows we see in the future!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I mentioned in my last post that I had a headache.  It obviously had taken over more of my brain than I realized.

Please notice the top of the blog post gives the date.  Well, today is THURSDAY!  Please also notice that I have everyone information on the blog hop from WEDNESDAY.

Enough said.

Wednesday Blog Hop

I find myself having difficulty in what to write about lately.  I'm falling into writers block.  Well, maybe it is again, procrastination

There are plenty of photographs that I have that I could turn into a post.  That however, would require me to actually go through them all and edit them.  My head had decided the New Year wouldn't be complete without a migraine to go with it, so the thought of sitting at the computer sorting through pictures just doesn't seem like a good time.

I'm happy to report however, that it is Wednesday, which means BLOG HOP!  I really appreciate others taking away my issue of not coming up with anything to say.  Today you can click on the link at take a look at a bunch of different blogs.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolution

This is a photo of my pantry. 


I wish this was a photo of my pantry. 

I wish this was a photo of my closet.

However, it is not.

Organization is not one of my better traits.  I'm not even sure it is a trait that I posses. 

Open a drawer, glance in a cabinet, look in a closet and you will see what I'm talking about.  I have trouble with organization.  I mean really, how do you truly know where to find that paper if it is filed somewhere.  What do you file things under?  I find myself trying to create a file for a file. 

Organization gets me flustered.  And that is why I look at the Container Store website and dream a little dream of what could be.  Or, I do what I did this weekend.

My husband and I went to the IKEA store and browsed for hours.   Who came up with this place??? If you have not been to one, you must find one and go immediately.  They know what kind of place they have built.  It has a restaurant in it!!!  Seriously, you don't place a restaurant in a store that you don't expect people to wander around lost and who have also lost the ability to tell time. 

It had to be one of the coolest stores I have ever been to.  Just how it was set up to look like all of these model rooms.  All of the kitchens, bedrooms and closets.  Oh my!  And just to prove to you my total lack of organizational skills, I left with a milk frother and two ice cube trays.

 Yep, sure did!  Two ice cube trays! 

Well, guess my ice will be organized and pretty!

Happy New Year!

2011!  Can you believe it? 

I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday and I wish everyone a Happy New Year! 

The posts have been scarce the past few weeks as the holidays descended on me.  I promise starting tomorrow, there will be full posts and I will try to at least post something every other day!

Have a Great Monday everyone!