Friday, September 20, 2013

The Reason For My Time Away

I had to take a bit of time away...

Duchess, our oldest furry family member had to be put down.  I kept hoping she would eventually go on her own.  That her tired body would just put its foot down and say that the time was up, and that it would like to be able to run on the other side.  She just wouldn't hear of it.  She was sticking around to see how this whole life thing turned out for everyone!  Unfortunately, she had a wonderful strong heart that just wanted to keep on ticking.

Last week, after two rough days with her, I realized that our time had come to a close.  I couldn't let her be uncomfortable after 18 years of comforting our family.  We are lucky to have a wonderful Vet, who laid on the floor with Jeff, myself and Duchess as we helped her move on to her next destination.

It was the hardest decision to make. It was even harder coming home without her.  We of course were greeted at the door by the other 3 dogs, who acted confused over the next few days.  Coming home the following day after work, was my full on breaking point.  Duchess was like a small child, and I spent extra time with her every day, whether it was for walks, medicine, or just time.  To come home, take the other 3 out, and realize I didn't have my little slow poke behind me was hard.

The other dogs moped around for a few days, but have mostly come back to their old selves.  Since Bella is our youngest adoptee, her dish was in the most undesired spot in our kitchen.  But it was the last spot available when she came into our home.  After a week, I decided to move her dish to where Duchess' had been.  Bella stares at me every morning like I have lost my mind in trying to get her to eat in the spot that is reserved for Duchess.  Even though her food is in the bowl, she walks over and stands at her old spot and waits.  Guess she realizes no one can replace Duchess or take her spot in our kitchen!

She will be missed more than I can express.  

 Kyle and Duchess 1996
 Kyle and Duchess 2010
Duchess 09/09/2013