Monday, August 22, 2011

Back To School

Today is Kyle's first day of his Junior year of High School.  Summer went by extremely fast this year!

Now we are back to working with the tutor a few nights a week, staying on top of homework, and now he has a job to work into that equation.  My blood pressure rose a few notches this morning when the alarm went off!

Kyle was up and speaking in complete sentences when I went in to his room this morning.  He almost seemed excited to get back.  I know by Thursday that feeling will have faded, but it was nice to have today!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Get A Job!

I took this photo a few weeks ago, of my son Kyle on his first day of work.  Well, his first day of work for someone other than us.  Kyle has worked his summers with us since he was 14, but alas, we have had to hire full time help and Kyle was left only filling in as needed.

It was time to get a job.  A job that he could work while he is in school.  So, I talked with Michael who owns MJ's restaurant and got Kyle an interview.  The rest was up to him. 

I waited a few weeks to make sure that all is okay before posting this.  He seems to really enjoy working there. Which as adults we know is half the battle, just enjoying what it is you do!

This past week we ventured in for dinner on a night that Kyle was working.  He was in the front of the house, not the kitchen where he had been the past few nights.  Which meant, he cleared our plates, refilled our water glasses and had to clean the crumbs off our table.  MJ's may have just gotten more business from me, if that is what I have to do to be waited on!

And last, a friend of mine is hosting a Blog Hop.  Please check out the link below!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This Past Weekend

This past weekend we headed out of town with some friends.  There were 6 of us all together (all adults!), and we stayed at Kidani Village at Disney.  We used our timeshare points and splurged on a 3 bedroom Villa.  It was sooo worth it!!!  It was our last hoorah before our kids had to go back to school!

Here are some photos of our villa.

Main Living Room. 

Main Living Room looking towards the kitchen

Upstairs loft

Master Bedroom Bathroom (there was a TV on the wall!)

Guest Bedroom #1


The balcony was massive.  It ran the entire length of our villa, and both guestrooms had their own balcony upstairs.  The best part was the view from the balcony!

The animals were constantly walking by.  It was a great location for us to be. 

We spent the day at the pool, which since it was so hot, was the perfect place to be.  A few brave persons even battled all of the little kids to go down the pool slide!

Here comes Kelly

Followed by Michon

I wish I had taken a photograph of the kitchen once we all got there.  We brought the blendtec with us of course and lots of liquor.  Seeing that there were only 6 of us, the amount of alcohol we had was shameful!  

A good time was had by all and as always, the weekend came to an end too quickly!  I think it needs to be an annual get together!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


We took a couple of days this weekend and headed out of town to just relax.  We traveled for free, so what the heck!  A few other couples went as well, so it was nice to just hang by the pool for a couple of days and not have to get up every morning at the crack of dawn to let the dogs out! 

Jeff had his endoscope a week ago.  There were a few things that showed during the scope, but nothing that would cause the pain he has been experiencing.  This means, we are back to the drawing board.

This past Thursday we met with his regular physician who has been in contact with his GI doctor.  Since his pain is moving a little more towards the left side now, and his blood work shows that his liver enzymes and kidney enzymes are elevated, he has to under go more tests.

He will go back to the doctor on the 18th for a Hydrascan and a CT scan of the gallbladder, liver and kidneys.  I was still kind of living in the "oh, it isn't anything too important.  We will find the answer soon" until the doctor mentioned that his enzymes aren't elevated enough to warrant dialysis.  That comment stopped me cold. 

What is she talking about, dialysis?  No one has seemed overly concerned about any of this until that comment slipped out.  We are trying to solve a puzzle and the pieces just aren't fitting into one simple diagnosis. 

And then today, the hospital bill arrived.  The same hospital that treated him for acid reflux and when that didn't work, treated him for dehydration, and when that didn't work, sent him home to see a doctor the following day.  Two pain medications, some liquid to drink and fluids intravenously and blood work.  That is what they did.  After the insurance adjustments, our portion is still $750.  Unbelievable. 

I want to work where I can do nothing to actually solve a problem, and still get paid in full for it!  If anyone comes up with an idea, let me know!

On a lighter note, I just finished reading The Help.  I loved every minute of this book.  Please read it before you see the movie.  The movies are never the same.