Friday, January 28, 2011

Failure and Success

Due to a momentarily lapse in all common sense, as well as there possibly being a temporary loss of brain function, Kyle did something the last day of school before Christmas break that was nothing short of stupid! This stupid act caused him to be suspended for the first week back to school after Christmas break. (Yeah, his punishment was 3 weeks off of school instead of 2. As you can imagine he was devastated.)

Anyway, his punishment at home was that he lost all electrical devices for the first week of Christmas break, no t.v, no IPOD, no computer, no Playstation. And, if we went somewhere he had to go along with us. Even if I just ran to the grocery store, Kyle came along.  This did not settle well with my 15 year old.  There were no complaints though, as I think he knew he was lucky that his punishment wasn't worse.  (one of these days I will have to post about taking his door off the hinges to his room.)

The second part of his punishment was that he had to work for our company for 3 weeks with NO pay. Because, I now had to pay the tutor double time since Kyle already struggled with school and now he wouldn't be there.  For those of you who haven't had a chance to read previous posts about our struggle with Kyle and school, take my word for it, it has been awful.

We finally found a tutor that Kyle enjoys working with and keeps him concentrated through the one to two hour sessions twice a week. Richie (the tutor) started working with Kyle in December. I wish I had known Richie for the past few years instead of just a month. The difference in Kyle's homework and test grades has been just below miraculous!

Kyle took his Semester exams last week.  HE PASSED EVERY SINGLE ONE! 

The look on Kyle's face when he realized he even passed his math exam was priceless. 

So, we worked through a failure and a lot of successes this past month.  Failure in common sense, but a huge success in realizing consequences to those failures.  As well as success in realizing that if you truly work hard towards something you can achieve it!

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