Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Reason I Have Only One Child

Kyle is it.  The one and only.  And he takes up all of my time.  This morning is a perfect example. In  my previous posts, I discussed his schedule at school for this week of exams.  Crazy schedule, I know.  However, what I failed to pay attention to, because why would I, was the start time of the school day. 

I brought Kyle to school today, turned into the school and it was no man's land.  No one.  Nada.  As I came around into the car loop, I could see a few buses dropping kids off.  But I was the ONLY car in the car riding lane.  This is not normal.  Usually it takes me 15 minutes to just get through the car loop.  Oh, and the student parking lot?  EMPTY!

I turned to Kyle and asked him what time school started today.  His response, "same time it always starts."  Ummm....look around, obviously not!

I dropped him off anyway, with strict instructions to go wait at his math teachers room to hand in the homework that has been sitting in his backpack for a week!  I drove home, pulled up the schedule online and sure enough...7:30-8:30 - BRUNCH. 

I could have slept in!  UGH.  And why would I have slept in you might ask?  Because my other reason for only having one child is that I have 4 dogs.

One was sick last night, starting at about 10:45 (because no one can be sick during the day when you want to take care of them).  Jeff and I were up again at 3 with the same dog.  Then it started to pour at around 5.  One dog that doesn't like the rain equals 4 dogs getting upset due to dog number 1 being upset.  When the alarm went off at 6 I just wanted to cry. 

Now I am off to the dentist, Kyle has his appointment with the dentist at 1:30 today, because lets remember he is out of school at 12:30!  Then tomorrow we start all over again, Kyle in exams, but it is Jeff's turn at the dentist and doctors.

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