Thursday, January 13, 2011


We have replaced all of the toilets in our home over the last 8 years.  4 toilets over that period of time.  Why am I discussing toilets?  Because last night we bought toilet number 5.  There are 4 bathrooms at our house.  The average life span of a toilet is supposed to be 10-15 years.  I don't think our master bedroom bathroom is used to an unnatural capacity.  It obviously decided it was going to only have a 5 year life span. 

Yes, as you are sitting there reading this, I am posting about toilets.  And yes, there is a story with this post.

When we replaced the toilet 5 years ago, we decided to replace the one in Kyle's bathroom as well.  He had the ugliest toilet.  It was a yellowish brown color.  Just plain ugly.  I decided to put a white one in so that when we remodeled the bathroom, which still hasn't happened, it would be easier to match. 

Jeff replaced them both and we didn't think anything more about it.  Kyle came home from school and went running in to use the bathroom.  (because he doesn't go at school, so he runs in like a maniac trying to get there in time.  I just don't understand it, but I've learned, I don't question it anymore)  Kyle comes out looks at me and says "Wow Mom.  You must have been working hard today cleaning the house.  My toilet is the CLEANEST I have ever seen it.  It is soooo WHITE!"

Jeff doubled over in laughter and I glared at both of them.  Kyle seriously thought his toilet had just been dirty.  And obviously HE had never tried to clean it.  I tried to calmly explain to him that the color of the toilet had nothing to do with my cleanliness, but the fact that it was a new toilet.  To which Kyle responded with "Oh.  Good.  I was beginning to worry that you didn't ever clean it." 

As he turned and walked away from me, this conversation already gone from his mind, I realized all that parents do that our children don't even notice!  Like cleaning an already brown toilet.

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