Sunday, January 9, 2011


Every few months, a few of us girls get together for dinner and then we drive to a show in Tampa. 
Our last night out had been to see Wicked.  It was my third time seeing it and it never gets old.  Up until last night it had been my favorite musical.

As I said, up until last night.

Last night we went to see Wonderland.  I bought the tickets back in August, without any knowledge of what the show truly was about other than Alice is all grown up.  I tend to get nervous when I talk 5 other people into buying tickets for a show that we haven't heard of yet.  This musical isn't scheduled to open on Broadway until April!

We had a good dinner and drove to the show.  When we entered the theatre, you could hear the rumblings of the staff who had seen Wonderland a few nights prior.  They loved it.  One of the best shows out there, they said!  Have to admit, I was getting excited.

I was wandering around looking at all of the items that were sale when I came across this shirt.

I wanted this shirt badly.  I understand, wrong show, but I really wanted this shirt.  Even though it was hanging up by the cashier, they didn't have it for sale.  Huh?  Why have a shirt that you don't even have for sale?  Oh, well.  I did find it online today, so it will eventually be mine!

Okay, back to Wonderland.  It was wonderful!  Ha, get it, Wonderland, Wonderful!  I know, stupid, sorry.

If you will be headed to New York City in the spring and summer, you must check out this show.  It is good for all ages, great music, great cast and most of all, a great story.  This show raised the bar for the shows we see in the future!

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