Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cookbook Tuesday, Well Wednesday this week

Have you seen the T.V show on OWN called Anna & Kristina's Grocery Bag?  It has become a fixation for me.  I love the premise of the show.  I also love the fact that not everything they cook turns out FABULOUS!  Here's the deal, they choose recipes from a cookbook, cook them in a certain amount of time and then serve them to a chef.  Anna cracks me up because they constantly have to "bleep"  her.  Meaning she curses in the kitchen.  I feel normal when I watch these two.  Messes in the kitchen and everything. 

What I love about the show is that they are not trying to create their own recipes.  They use what is out there and let you know the results.  Not sure if you have noticed lately, but cookbooks are expensive.  Have you ever looked at a cookbook, bought it, got it home and never cooked anything out of it?  It is frustrating.  They also will take everyday kitchen items that you need to use for the recipe and test a few to let you know which ones are the best.  Some of these come in extremely handy, others, not so much.  Like the episode where they tested chopsticks.  Didn't understand that one!

Anyhoo, the point I'm trying to make here is that I love to cook.  And I typically can cook really well.  I have a few recipes that have been born out of  some section of my brain, that are actually good.  But mostly, I turn to cookbooks, online recipes and magazines for inspiration and information.  Anna and Kristina make me feel that it is okay for me NOT to be a chef and create my own recipes. 

So, with that being said, that is what Tuesdays will become.  Maybe Thursdays too.  We'll see.  I will take recipes out of varying cookbooks, make them and report here what I have uncovered.  I'm not promising miracles.  But I do hope to help the average person out there who wants to cook, discover the joys of cooking and that it isn't that difficult. 

(Ooh, Ooh, did anyone see the episode of America's Worst Cooks where the girl had to make poached eggs, so she cracked the egg and dropped the whole thing, shell and all into the water!  It made me laugh, it made me feel better about having to look up how to hard boil an egg a few years back!  I hate eggs, so I try very hard not to cook them!)

I have plenty of cookbooks here, but if there is a recipe you are interested in, let me know! Can be drink recipes as well.  I love making martini's and mixed drinks, so I'm always up for a challenge.  The first recipes will be posted here tomorrow.  I know tomorrow is Wednesday, but goodness gracious, how long do you want this post to be? 

See ya all tomorrow!

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