Friday, February 4, 2011

Where Am I?

Jeff and I arrived at Fort Wilderness Wednesday evening for a long weekend away.  We had plans to see Universal Studios, relax and enjoy some time together. 

What have we done so far?  Well, I've slept my time away is what I have done.  Jeff and Kyle were both sick, and of course I was last to come down with it.  We drove up Wednesday, I slept the drive up.  We arrived, hooked up, walked to dinner and then came back to the camper and I went to bed. 

I awoke Thursday to feeling worse than ever.  I got up, took some medicine and went back to bed.  I finally climbed out of bed at 4 p.m. knowing Jeff was going to want some food.  I figured the least I could do was cook some dinner.  Luckily I mentioned the grill and asked if we had propane.  Jeff went out and checked, and nope, no gas.

So, I took a shower and out we went for dinner.  I'm really roughing it out here!

Today, I feel better.  Decided I needed to obtain internet access so I could feel connected, again, roughing it.  However, in the process of trying to get the internet hooked up, it messed up the TV in the living room.  After two hours, two phone calls to the help desk, and finally a repairman showing up at the camper, we finally had internet and TV. 

I'm headed in now to take another nap.  We have dinner reservations for this evening at the California Grill which is one of my favorite spots.  The last time we were there was almost 3 years ago.  You get great food, great service and you can see the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom. 

So, I'm going to continue to rough it out here and go climb into my comfy bed with the airconditioner on and take a nap!

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  1. We absolutely LOVE Ft. Wilderness! Sorry everyone got sick, hope you're enjoying the rest of your lil vaca!