Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my Hubby!  It is hard to believe that it has been 3 years today that you and I took the big step, and 11 years since we met! 

I looked up what our traditional anniversary gift is and for year 3 it is leather.  For example, I could buy you a leather chair.  Or you could get me luggage.  Really?  Leather luggage?  No thanks.

One of the modern leather options is leather clothing.  At this point I have to ask, WHO THE HECK THOUGHT THIS STUFF UP?  Leather clothing?  I'm not sure it is politically correct to give someone leather any longer.  Let alone give someone a leather chair or luggage for their anniversary.

Instead, I will just let my Hubby know how much I love him.  He works his hardest to allow Kyle and I the best life that he can give us.  We have our moments, but who doesn't?  And it only makes me love him more!

Here is to looking to year number 4!  We can buy one another fruit and flowers or the alternate for next year is appliances!  I'm warning every husband out there right now, DO NOT buy your wife an appliance.  Of any sort for your anniversary!  Even when she asks for an appliance, buy her something small and nice for your anniversary and give her the appliance the next day!


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  3. Happy Anniversary!! My hubby & I will be married 3 years in a few months also~New GFC follower from Blog Hop Skip & Jump~Shari

  4. Happy Anniversary!!
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  5. Aw Happy Anniversary!! I am a follower of yours and appreciate you joining me on my blog as well!! You two are too cute together!! Best wishes and looking forward to more updates!!!

  6. Happy Anniversary! And yes I agree, appliances for my anniversary? Well, maybe if it makes ice! LOL I get so tired of not ever having ice, due to kids not filling up ice trays! LOL

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    Happy Anniversary!

  8. I can't believe it's been 3 years already. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. AND I agree - NEVER buy your spouse an appliance for a wedding anniversary.

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    CONGRATS!!! & Happy Anniversary!

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