Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rambling On

Has anyone noticed that it is the end of February already?  I feel like I just packed away all of my Christmas decorations!

Time has been going by so fast that I haven't even blogged anything for a week!  Sometimes life just gets away from me.

As a Christmas present, I had purchased Jeff Dunham tickets for Jeff and Kyle.  The show is tonight, and I only remembered it this past Sunday.  Thankfully it was this Sunday that I realized it and not next Sunday!  Done that before!

March is a busy month for us.  I think we have something going on every weekend, plus a cruise at the end of the month for our birthdays.  Just a quick 3 night to Cozumel.  We can only take little weekends away due to my husbands work schedule, and even then, only between the months of November to March.  I'm getting a little worried because it has gotten so hot here in Florida recently.  This has the potential to cause his schedule to be extended.  I'm hoping for one more blast of cold air from somewhere! 

Speaking of the weather, what the heck is going on with it?  We only had two seasons this year.  HOT and COLD.  Normally it gradually cools down in the late fall, winters are even cooler, then it gradually warms up in the spring and throws us into the heat of summer.  Not this time.  Last week we were in jackets, this week it has been in the mid 80's.  It is February and we had to turn our air conditioning on last night.  I'm not ready for those electric bills!

We had family pictures done at the end of January and I got the proofs this week.  All I can say is WOW!  They turned out fabulous, now to just make a decision.  Kyle looks like a man in all of these photos!  I will post them once they are completed!

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