Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Morning Ramblings

Well, the show didn't get any better and I officially have a cold.  Typical of me and the week of Thanksgiving. 

Craft Fairs are a lot of work for us vendors.  Not too mention the time we put into them.  One of the best benefits of craft shows are the other vendors you meet. 

This past weekend we were placed across from Jo and Tony from Y Not Jo's.  Their product is the Arm Buddie.  They also had these cool wine glass candle holders and marshmallow shooters.  If you have never seen a marshmallow shooter, you need to be on the look out at your next craft show.  These pvc pipe guns are the coolest thing.  You load them with mini marshmallows, aim, blow and it shoots the marshmallow out.  Jeff and I were their target practice for the weekend.  I found mini marshmallows everywhere in my booth as we were cleaning it out!

Okay, I have to confess, I'm not 100% sure that his name was Tony.  I'm sorry.  The weekend takes a lot out of you!  Also, Tony, if that isn't your name ( I know it was Tony, Terry, etc) I'm blaming the marshmallow to my forehead shot that you hit me with!

Another two weekends and another two shows.  Smaller in size and venue, but just trying to get the name out there.  Also finishing the website.  Yes, for those that have followed me for a while, I've been saying that.  Procrastination, remember?! 

Oh, one other thing.  I signed on to my blog yesterday and realized I had a bunch of new followers.  Thank you, by the way.  It's nice to have you!  And then I finally realized where they came from!  Blog Be Dandy was featured on Healthy Home Blog.  Thanks Charla for the shout out! 

Busy week ahead.  I'm making the turkey this year for Thanksgiving.  I obviously had a momentarily common sense melt down when I volunteered for that one!  It will be my first and there are 14 of us this year! 

Have a wonderful Holiday week!


  1. I have been victim to the marshmallow shooters myself, thanks to my childrens grandparents. They are temporarily lost, meaning I hid them and now can't remember where.

    You could always purchase a MJ's turkey and put it in the pan as it is your own ;) (like a few of our other regulars, no names)

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