Sunday, May 23, 2010

Soap & A Migraine

I haven't had a post in a few days, I apologize. What I plan and how it works out are two totally different things.

I had training for work this week and had thought I could post a few blogs at night. However, we had no air conditioning for the first two days and being that we were on the 8th floor, and we are in Florida, it made for a miserably long couple of days. I was exhausted by the time I came home.

Jeff went fishing yesterday, so I will blog those photos and story later. I stayed at home with a migraine that I am still trying to beat.

I had some new soap to cut, so I will place those here today, along with photos of all of my stuff that it takes to create soap.

Energy Soap

Oils, Butters and other ingredients

More oils and some soap

Fragrances, Essential Oils, Colorants and Herbs

One cannot understand the obsession that soap can have over your life! When we did our taxes this year and I saw how much I had spent on all of my soaping supplies, I stood there with my mouth hanging open and Jeff passed out on the floor.

I do have a website to sell my soaps, it just unfortunately has nothing on it. All these supplies, and all of that soap and it is all for me! (Insert evil vampire laugh here)

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