Thursday, May 20, 2010

Whine Wednesday

Every Wednesday, Jeff and I go to a local restaurant by us called Michael John's, or MJ's. They have wonderful food and great people that work there. I would have entered his logo and information (here) if my wonderful dependable scanner actually worked like it is supposed to. We go on Wednesday because they have Wine specials. I call it Whine Wednesday. If you give people enough wine, you eventually get whining!

Anyway, MJ always has the greatest desserts. Jeff's favorite is the brownie sundae that MJ creates. And believe me, it is not your typical brownie sundae.

A few weeks ago, MJ introduced his latest creation and it was a Banana Foster's Sundae. And OH MY. It was scrumpdiliacious. My husband though, did not want to give up his brownie. So last night I asked if they could combine the brownie into the Banana Foster's Sundae. Well, they did.

Yes, we consumed every last bite. Can you see my husbands clenched fists? Isn't that funny? He wasn't happy that he had to wait until I could fumble with my cell phone camera and get a photo.

So, if you are ever in Bradenton or you live here and you are looking for a great place, visit MJ's. They are located at 1040 Carlton Arms Blvd, Bradenton, Fl 34208. Phone number for reservations is 941-747-8032.

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