Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vicki ( Martini Girl )

My friend Vicki has been down visiting. Vicki is the one I have recently discussed in my 'Tini Tuesday posting. She is a WILD CHILD. (she gave my grandfather a lap dance at my wedding!)

A few of us went to dinner Sunday night. I love having Monday off!

Vicki and Phyllis, Phyllis owns Mr. Cheesecake by the way (and did our wedding cake), and another friend of Vicki's, Michelle, and I went to dinner.

Vicki and Phyllis shared a pitcher of sangria. And since there was something in Vicki's glass, other than ice and the waiter took them back, I convinced them to just drink out of the pitcher, which they gladly obliged.

Dinner was wonderful and even included Vicki bargaining with our waiter over his tip. In order to get his tip, he had to give her insight into why he was having a bad day as well have his picture taken with her. I feel bad because I didn't get his name.

Phyllis, Michelle (the other one), and Vicki

The other Michelle and Vicki

Vicki and ME!
It really was great to see Vicki again. We shared some stories of times past and laughed until Vicki cried. We really do miss her being around all of the time!


  1. I remember that lap dance - Vicki can really dance. It's always good to get together with friends and be able to laugh.

  2. Lap dance!?!? Who me???? I had a blast at your wedding and I had so much seeing all of you again. I promise I am not going to wait a whole year to do it again!!! Your lemon drop martini is outstanding by the way!!! Thanks for all of the fun!!! Thanks for my soap too. Miss all of you a ton!!! - Vicki