Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Kyle and Duchess 1996

The photo above was taken one afternoon sitting in our living room.  How this picture has remained in perfect condition, not in any photo album through 3 moves and 14 years, I can't figure out.  It is one of my favorite shots of Kyle.  Look at that face, "Whatcha taken a photo of me for Mommy?"

Then there is Duchess.  Her coat is shiny, ears perky, face dark with a shine in her eyes.  My husband at the time brought her home one day from work.  She had been in an abused home and figured we could take her in.  I at the time, didn't want the dog.  Which is why she became, my dog. 

Duchess always follows me, she slept under my bed for years until her legs and back could no longer handle the contortion she put herself through getting under there.  She is the last one to move from my side when the others go running away.  Always looking back to make sure you are still where she thinks you are.

She would protect Kyle and I from anyone who came to the house.  Which caused a few problems, like the time a kid from down the block was selling candy as a fund raiser.  My roommate at the time didn't lock Duchess up before answering the door, Duchess got a hold of the kids shoe, the kid jumped on my roommates back screaming at the top of his lungs.  It is funny now, but wasn't so funny then as I forked over $125 to buy chocolate bars!

Anyway, Duchess is now 15 years old.  This past weekend she has started to show her true age.  She spent yesterday at the vet having a Senior Work Up.  And, the news wasn't good.  Her pancreas is enlarged, her spine is showing problems and there are two masses on her heart.  On top of that, she has bronchitis.  She came home with us last night on steroids to help with the bronchitis, and to await the final results of her blood work and x-rays. 

We aren't ruling her out just yet.  The last time she had a bad spell, we were afraid that Gracie would be left alone so we got Nico as a just in case.  That was 7 years ago!  But, honestly, I realize we have been graced with her much longer than most dogs.

Last night, her and Kyle hung out.

We will keep everyone updated on her. 

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