Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ready or Not, Here Comes Vacation

I am one day away from vacation. 

Excited?  Check.
Desperately in Need of this vacation?  Check.
Prepared for Vacation?  Nope!

Anyone who knows me, knows I procrastinate.  I tell myself I work better under pressure.  Even in High School I was the one cramming to finish my book reports.  I always did finish them, and usually received good grades on them.  So you see, I work well under pressure!  No, I don't really believe that either.

When I was pregnant with Kyle, I procrastinated in excepting that he was actually coming.  A late miscarriage the year before caused me to decide that until I saw him, it could wait.  Thankfully, my Mom had other plans, planned and held my shower a week before Kyle arrived.  Now in regards to Kyle's birth, it was the one thing I did not procrastinate on.  He arrived 6 weeks early.  Did I procrastinate in calling the doctor because there was no way that what I was experiencing was my water breaking and contractions?  You betcha! Okay, so I'm way off track here, this is another story for another time!

So, now to our vacation.  Kyle and I leave tomorrow.  I still have to get Kyle new shoes, a few shirts that actually fit him, finish our laundry, grab a few groceries for Jeff for the week while I'm gone and oh yeah, PACK!  I can't pack until the night before or day of traveling.  I just can't do it.  What if I need that shirt or those shorts before I leave?  I can't quite understand the people who can pack a week before a trip. 

So, here's to other procrastinators out there.  I feel ya!  Anyone wanna come pack for me?

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