Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We spent the weekend at Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort, Kidani Village.  I will upload all of our photos once I get a chance. 

We had a great room, 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom villa overlooking the safari.  It was pretty cool to wake up in the morning and look out your window at a giraffe! 

I wanted to just have a weekend to relax, so we had a late dinner Friday night and then spent Saturday in the pool almost all day.  At which point we all went back to the room and took naps!  Isn't it funny that at this age a nap just sounds wonderful, yet to our kids we have lost our minds?!

As I was sitting by the pool people watching, because it is one of my favorite past times, my mind started to wander.  (No surprise there!)  Anyhoo...I was sitting there looking at all of the little kiddies running around and couldn't help but think of Kyle.

When was the last time that he begged for that plastic sword that I knew would break as soon as we left the park, but bought it for him anyway?  Or, at what point was it that he could reach the top of the "you must be this high" sign to ride a ride?  How old was he when Disney became "cool" and not that magical place any longer. 

There was one milestone that we hit that I do remember: " Hey Mom, Ian and I are going here.  What time do you want us to meet you and where?"  I remember looking at Kyle thinking, "excuse me, you are only 3".  But, no he was not 3.  He was standing before me as a young man wanting me to trust that he would be alright, and would listen to directions.  I let him go with his phone and directions to meet us back in this exact spot in 3 hours.  They were entering a specific building, so I at least knew where they would be. 

I spent the next 3 hours across the pathway at a restaurant looking at my watch like a crazy person.  With ten minutes to spare, I received a call from Kyle saying they were heading to our spot.  I was proud, scared and thankful all in one fell swoop.  I just didn't realize that was the start of him truly growing up. 

The funny part of all of this thinking and wondering this weekend?  Kyle didn't even go with us! 

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