Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Favorite Thing...For Now

This is my favorite thing, for now anyway:

Yes, it is my FoodSaver.  (Minus the fish that is in the picture!)
Yesterday I went to our local discount warehouse and purchased enough food for a month.  It took me over an hour to repackage everything.  This was my stash when I was done.  So worth the time!
I buy steaks from a local restaurant here in town.  I can't beat his prices and his cuts of meat are just fabulous!  Normally I bring them home and vacuum seal them.  When it is time to use them, they appear fresh and look as if I placed them in the fridge the day before.
These have been in my freezer for about a month

Last week, I bought four more since I was down to my last two.  I was in a hurry the next morning, threw them in a ziplock bag and stuck them in my freezer.  Yesterday after sealing all of my new purchases, I was organizing the freezer and came across this.

Don't you just want to cook these right up?

I've learned my lesson.  I now vow to take the time and seal all of my purchases when I get home.  The extra time it takes, is worth it in the long run. 

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