Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yeah, There's That

Here is an example of a conversation I had with my 15 yr old son last night.

Me:  "You have got to get working on your homework.  You are failing a class and if you don't get your homework done, you will be failing another."

Him:  "I'm doing it."

Me:  "What is IT ?"

Him:  "I have to read this book."

Me:  "You are lying in bed with the lights off, how the heck could you possibly be reading that book?"

Him:  "I was going to turn the lights on."

Me:  "I suggest you turn the lights on NOW and get to reading that book before you get too far behind."

Him:  "Whatever.  I'm not failing anyway."

Me:  "Your current grade is a 43?" (and at this point my voice is at a fever pitch)

Him:  "Yeah, there's that."

Me:  "Huh?"

My son struggling in school is not something new or out of the ordinary.  He just doesn't like it and never has.  There seems to be a strong disconnect with schools and how they interact with boys. 

For example, I was looking at the book he is reading.  I can understand his disinterest.  I read every day.  EVERY day.  I love to read.  I will read anything and everything. 

I wouldn't read this book.  Not interested, doesn't sound interesting and I couldn't be forced to be interested in it.  However, I find myself having to be the good parent and tell him he has to read it and get his homework done.  Seeing as he doesn't like to read, I may as well have just banished him to a life with no IPOD. 

One good thing, he doesn't read my blog either!

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