Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lunch with Kyle

Today I had lunch with Kyle. Jeff is off at the Redneck Yacht Club for the weekend, enjoying a well deserved overnight stay.

At lunch I forced Kyle to leave his IPOD in the car and actually carry on a conversation with me. Our discussion covered, video games, paint ball games, more video games, and then, wait for it...CHRISTMAS WISH LIST!

Yes, Kyle still makes a list at the age of 15.  Hey, I realized a long time ago that a list is the perfect thing.  One, it allows Kyle to vent out all of the items he would like without it being repeated over and over.  It also, for the next two months, allows me to say "Add it to your list" every time he asks for something.  It is like a reprieve for my wallet. 

So, as he rambled on about the items that will go on his list this year, I started realizing that Thanksgiving is only a week and a half away.

One item that I love about Christmas time is being able to play Christmas music. I have a wide arrangement of Christmas CD's and they start being played the day after Thanksgiving. Today, I discovered that there is a CD out by Dave Barnes who is one of my favorites! I saw his video for one of his Christmas songs and it features another favorite of mine, Hillary Scott(of Lady Antebellum if you have been living under a rock somewhere)and the video features Jennifer Love Hewitt. I thought I would get you all thinking of the upcoming Holidays.

Yeah, you can thank me later!

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