Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's Been Personal

I know I have been gone a few days.  Okay, almost a week. 

I have had a few personal things going on, and just couldn't bring myself to be cheery enough to blog. 

BUT, I'm back! 

Hunsaders finally ended last weekend.  It was a long 3 weeks.  I did however sell a lot of soap! 

Most popular?

Camo Soap

Second in line was my new Spa Bar.  It smells just like what a spa smells like when you walk in.  That relaxing, lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile smell.  It is dreamy.  I don't have a photo of it, because I kept selling it all.

The last day of Hunsaders they allow trick or treating for all of the kids.  All of the craft vendors bring candy and kids come around in their costumes.  Well, some of them anyway.  We will give candy to anyone!

I especially love this part of the event.  We live where there are no trick or treaters.  In the 8 years we have lived in this house, I only had trick or treaters once about 6 years ago.  I had forgotten to shut the gate and two teenage girls appeared at my door.  Since I don't ever have any trick or treaters I don't buy candy.  So, these two girls received giant Hershey Bars that I keep for when we make smore's.  As their eyes lit up, I looked at them and said " Don't tell anyone where you got these and don't come back again next year!"

I'm still amazed I woke up the next morning and my house hadn't been toilet papered!

Anyway, back to all of the little kiddies walking around in costume. 

This one boy came by.
Okay, he's a jet plane.



Alright, now he sort of resembles a military tank, but I'm still a tad baffled.

And then, he stops.  Makes some sounds and folds himself onto the ground.

He is a Transformer! 

I really wish I could have taken a better photo from the front, but this little guy had quite the crowd around him.  The one I should have taken a photo of, now that I think of it, was his Mom!  She made this costume!

It is now time to realize that October is over and we are now officially in Holiday mode.  Seriously, where the heck did 2010 go? 


  1. Michelle! I can't believe I stumbled on your blog, I live in Venice and almost did a booth of my crayons this year at Hunsaders. I would love to talk with you about your experience. Also, have you heard of Etsy? You need to check it out and sell your lovely soap on the site! Email me when you get a chance.

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