Friday, November 26, 2010

Too Full, So Here Are A Few Giveaways!

Yesterdays Thanksgiving dinner turned out wonderful.  My very first Turkey looked like something you would want to eat, as well as tasted as good as it looked!  Whew.  Can't tell you how nervous I was when I realized I was cooking my first turkey and there would be 14 hungry people if I didn't do it well. 

Also cooked dressing for the first time.  I didn't enjoy that.  It turned out really well, but I found making it frustrating.  I just kept adding liquid, and adding liquid. How do you truly know when enough is enough?  It had good reviews though, so I guess my method worked.

I'm currently too full to discuss anything else, so during my morning computer searches, I stumbled across a great giveaway.  3 Princes and A Princess 2 is giving away a George Foreman Evolve Grill valued at $129.99!

Another giveaway is at Shibley Smiles.  She is giving away a Nutra Sonic Professional Cleansing System.

So, run, walk, or hitchhike over to 3 Princes And A Princess 2 and to Shibley Smiles to sign up for these fantastic giveaways!  Okay, you can't walk, run or hitchhike over there, but you can let your fingers do the walking for you!

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