Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just a Few Thoughts

Preparing myself to write this post, I discovered that, for the second post in a row I will not have any photos.  I find this funny seeing as I am taking photoshop classes.  Anyhoo....

Bella had to be dropped off at the vet today to start her heart worm treatment.  It was emotional for Bella.  She was shaking like crazy and looking at me with those large brown eyes and telepathically sending messages of "What did I do that you are bringing me here?"

It was emotional for me too.  If you do not understand how heart worm treatment works, I implore you to stay in your happy little place thinking she will get a shot, stay calm for a month and then be healthy. 

Unfortunately, this is not how it works.  Bella will receive a painful treatment and remain at the vet until at least Friday.  She will then come home with us, and be required to remain calm with no exercise or excitement for one month.  The reason?  The increased blood circulation from heavy exercise can push heart worms out of the major blood vessels and into the lungs, increasing the chance of developing congestive heart failure and possibly causing sudden collapse and death.  And yes, that is a direct quote.

I am upset that someone took the time to train Bella, but not the time to give her a $10 a month prevention medication.  Our pets have always been given the best, and in return they have given us their best.  Duchess and Daphne are 15 years old, Gracie is 9, and Nico and Lucky are 7.  Bella is 2.  Every year when that month rolls around that we tote ALL of them in rotation through the vets office and gripe about the bill at the end of it (last year with Duchess and Daphne needing surgery, and then all of their annual shots, it came to somewhere around $1200), we do it because we took on the responsibility to care for these dogs. 

I understand people are giving up their pets in record numbers right now due to unemployment and other factors.  However, there are low cost vaccinations and spay & neuter programs available all over.  And I can't say enough about spay & neuter your pet.  It is healthier for them and can help cut down on all of the unwanted animals out there!

So, I am headed to work with Bella on my mind.  Her and the cats had finally started to come to an understanding that neither was going anywhere and that the cats were not dog treats.  So, I hope you will keep her in your thoughts as well.

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