Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Week In Review

The last post I made was exactly one week ago.  It was a long and busy week. 

While in Massachusetts, we met up with family.  Kyle enjoyed spending the day with other kids around his age that are family.  Nothing like living 1500 miles away from the majority of family and being an only child!

We were able to gather the kids long enough to grab a couple of photos of them.  The oldest is 17, and the youngest is 5.  At least I think he was 5.  Ages weren't a matter of discussion.  Kyle was impressed with them all swimming in the pool, which was no way warm enough for him to even consider changing into a swim suit for! 

As some of you may know, I went from being an only child to having two siblings a few years back.  My Mom brought this small bundle of fur into her life, Ruby.  Ruby is a shih tzu.  A year or so after, my Dad couldn't resist getting one of his own, Roxy.  Roxy travels everywhere with my Dad.  And now, to add to the menagerie is Molly, my Aunts latest addition.  Lets just say Roxy is not that impressed with Molly. 

This is Molly, smiling for the camera!  Say, Dog Biscuit!

And, this is Roxy.  Who was not only miffed at everyone because there was another dog, but she was hot.  It was so humid the last day we were there, I wasn't sure why we even left Florida!  However, not trying to get off track, after looking for Roxy, I discovered her in the flower bed, trying to stay cool in the shade!

I will continue to post things from our trip as I go through the pictures I took and try to make some sense of them!  Until then, Happy Weekend!

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