Monday, July 26, 2010


I pondered for a week whether or not to write about this.  But, what is a blog about your life, if you don't blog? 

I mentioned a week ago that Jeff and Kyle went four wheeling.  They took the motorhome and stayed the night.  Came home the next day, no big deal.

Well, there was a little deal, okay, okay, a big deal when they returned. 

We store the motorhome at the back of our property.  Jeff, brought the camper home and in trying to manuever in a different way, was concentrating on not hitting the well we have.  In doing so, he didn't hit the well.  He did however, hit the apartment building.  In doing so, it resulted in the side of our motorhome to look like this:

You have to understand, Jeff is extremely careful with all of his things.  Everything has its place and everything is well taken care of.  Our motorhome looks and smells brand new inside.  This little accident did not make him happy. 

My comments you ask?  Well, first was "How the heck did that happen???"  and deep inside I was thinking he needed to go have his eyes checked, I just couldn't figure it out. 

After he explained it to me, my next comment was "That is what insurance is for.  As much as you hate to make a claim, that is the point of it." 

Now I didn't think to to take a picture of the building.  Sometimes, my brain is on, sometimes, its not.  I was able to sneak around the corner and snap these on Saturday morning though:

You can see the bushes in the front, as I was hangin off the side of the front porch of the main house trying to take these without being seen.  If he saw me taking these, he would have known they were about to show up in my blog!

The camper is at the shop to be fixed, the roof is now repaired, so all is well.  We will be headed out again in September and I'm driving!

Just kidding on the driving part.  No way, not on your life would I even attempt to drive the motorhome!

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  1. I can only imagine how mad Jeff was. Scott is the same way about his belongings.