Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some Things Happen For a Reason

If you read the post of how we found Nico, or even what was happening when he was lost, I mentioned that I had been looking all over for him.  This required me to visit shelters and animal control service.  The Humane Society was wonderful as always, animal control was depressing.  I volunteered at The Humane Society way back when.  Jeff made me stop due to my weakness in saying "No".  During my few months there, we added a dog and a cat to our family.

While walking through Animal Control, the second to the last cage I thought was empty.  Which I found strange, since the place was packed. (For those of you who have dogs, please keep them under close monitoring during the 4th of July.  It is the busiest time for Animal Control.)  As I turned around and came by the cage again, I realized that there was a dog in that cage.  Two eyes were looking at me from under a mountain of hair.  I quickly realized that she was a Labradoodle.  One of the two breeds we had been considering looking at in the future.  The WAY future. 

After finding Nico, I had to notify every one of the places I had contacted to place a report of a lost dog.  The last one was animal control.  After giving Nico's information, I had to ask about the Labradoodle.  Her answer?  "That dog is not able to be adopted out to the public."  When I asked her why, she said that she had tested low positive for heart worms, and because of this, she could only go to a rescue group or she would be euthanized within the week. 

My response?  "Whoa, wait a minute".  I then discussed with her that low positive was treatable and although the cost can be all over the place, why would they put down a dog that has a treatable disease.  That is the process, was the reply. 

Of course, my mouth sometimes works without my brain being attached, so my next question? 

"What if my husband and I take her and agree to pay for all of her treatments?" 

As my mind was trying to figure out if I really did say that out loud, her reply came back.  "No.  Only a rescue group, or she will be euthanized." 

So, I hung up the phone, completely deflated with how the whole process works.  I didn't understand the need for all of these rescue groups until talking with them.  Now, I get it.  So, I text Jeff and informed him of what our conversation had consisted of and how the process worked. 

By the time I got home, I was really frustrated.  I then remembered that the person who had called me about the white Shiba Inu, was from a rescue group.  So I frantically searched through my phone, found their website and shot off an email.  Telling them about the dog and that we would foster her if needed.

2 hours later I took a phone call from The Safe Haven Animal Rescue of Florida.  They had been looking at this dog, but could not find a foster home for her.  If Jeff and were willing, they would pick her up the next day, have her cleaned and bring her to us.  The rescue group would cover her medical expenses.  In the end, after all of her treatments, if we want to keep her, we can, or they will try to adopt her out. 

They picked her up and had to shave off all of her hair since she was so dirty and covered in fleas.  Her heartworm treatment will start Wednesday, and that will last for one month. 

So, we now have a new addition to the family, and her name is Bella.  She really is a good dog.  She sits, gives you her paw, and gets along with everyone.  Well, everyone but the cats.  That is a work in progress. 
Bella, already at home on my furniture

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  1. You & Jeff have such big hearts. You are awesome for rescuing her. Welcome to the family Bella.