Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Know Someone, Who Knows Someone

Know someone, who knows someone, who may just know someone else that drives a Dodge extended cab, green, Dooley pick up? 

After days of placing ads, going to every shelter and animal place I can think of, putting posters up around the neighborhood, only to have to do it again after torrential rains, we had someone call with some information.

This person called to inform us that they saw someone pull over and pick up Nico along Morgan Johnson Rd, about a 1/2 mile from our house.  He was just trotting down the sidewalk. After speaking with them a bit longer, we realized how close we came to finding Nico ourselves. 

You see, when we realized he was gone, everyone that was here, jumped in a car and drove.  A few people stayed back, standing in our driveway, outside the gate, just in case they saw him.  When these people saw Nico being picked up, the were heading down Morgan Johnson and passed our house.  They mentioned the people standing outside.  They just didn't know why we were standing outside the gate at the time.  It wasn't until the next day when they saw the flyer's.

 Now, don't get me wrong, when this person called us on Monday, I was relieved.  That meant Nico wasn't out wandering around alone somewhere.  Most of the animal shelters were closed, so I was looking forward to Tuesday. 

Unless you haven't noticed, it is now Wednesday.  Not one phone call to any of the shelters or animal control, or us for that matter.

I'm not sure how someone can pick up a dog that is obviously well cared for and think to keep it.  I am really trying to keep my faith on this, but who ever picked up Nico picked him up on Sunday.  SUNDAY!  As I was laying in bed last night I realized that there is a possibility that they won't give him back.  We have had Nico for 7 years and to not know where he is or what will happen to him, really gets me.

The ad hit the newspapers today.  I am praying, hands in the air, knees on the ground praying, that people see the ad, the flyer, the craigslist ad, the facebook page, this blog or anything else that I have done and call us. 

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