Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Rain, Rain and more Rain.  This is what the weather has been since returning from vacation.  I have made a few discoveries about my feelings towards all of this rain.

1.  I snack all day when it rains.

2.  All the lost dog posters you put up the day before, now need to be redone.

3.  I eat ice cream when it rains.

4.  My pool is now cold.  Yes, for those of you up North, that means it has fallen below 80 degrees.

5.  I just want to read all day when it rains.  This means I don't do the house work I should be doing.

6.  I snack on pretzel M&M's all day.  (If you haven't tried these, YOU MUST!)

7.  Bugs try to escape the water by moving in with you.

8.  You try not to think about the dog you lost and how he hates rain, the sound and the feel of it. 

9.  Mowing cannot be accomplished when it is this wet.  I'm afraid we will lose our other dog soon because  we won't be able to find her when we let her out to do her thing.

10. I made pulled pork last night, and then ordered pizza for dinner anyway.

If this rain does not go away I will not fit into any of my clothes.

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