Friday, July 9, 2010


Thank Goodness It's Friday!

This week has been long.  With everything that happened with Nico, we didn't get much accomplished other than finding him.  Well, there is a little surprise, but I will wait to show you all that until I get a few photos.

Today will be hectic at home, glad I am working!  We are having our pool heater replaced.  No, we don't need it now, but it hasn't worked in a year.  Not much fun having a hot tub that never got HOT!  This requires the gas guy to be there along with the person installing the pool heater. 

Then, our air conditioning guys will be coming for our maintenance.  Which causes mayhem with a stranger in the house with the dogs.

There is one other thing, but that would give away the surprise.  So, until tomorrow, Happy Friday!

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