Thursday, August 26, 2010

3rd day of school

3rd day of school was yesterday.  Kyle was home sick. 

The child has not been sick in I don't know how long, yet he decided this would be a great time.  And not only is he sick, he is VERY sick. 

Last week Kyle was on vacation with his Dad.  He spent many a day at the water park.  Came home complaining that it felt like he had water in his ear.  No biggie, we live in Florida, we swim a lot and get this feeling often.

Yeah, not this time.  Kyle most likely has a perforated ear drum and the mother of all ear infections to go along with it.  It is the nastiest thing I have ever encountered.  And he is in a ton of pain. 

So, here we are on the 4th day of school, and yep, Kyle is still home.  Timing has never been a strong trait of Kyle's. 

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