Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Camera? NOT!

I have been wanting a new camera for a while.  (yes, I did get a new one back in March, but that was just a precursor to the model I truly wanted)  I have wanted a Nikon D90, but have been willing to settle for a lower model.  This would also save me over $300.  I want to have the capability of changing out lenses.  I get frustrated when I want to take a photo but you can't get the entire scene in the shot unless you zoom out, and then you've lost what you are looking at to begin with.

But, as always, life gets in the way.  Life this time was our home desk top computer.  So, I kissed my thoughts of a new camera goodbye, and stood staring at our new computer.  I know the computer was needed, the camera wasn't.  I am still in the grieving process.  I have been in the grieving process since Sunday at precisely 1:34 p.m. when I swiped my card for the computer.

In honor of the grieving process I'm wearing black today.  Figured I would skip the black veil, people may look at me like I'm crazy.  Or that I am truly grieving.  Then I would have to tell them that it is in regards to a camera and they would go back to looking at me like I'm crazy. 

I think I will grieve in private.

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