Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ear Update

Let me start by saying I never in a million years thought I would ever have a blog post titled "Ear Update"!  But, anyhoo, here I am with the title of this post.

Kyle went to school yesterday.  He is not in pain, but his ear is still draining some nasty stuff.  He made it until 11:00 a.m. when he asked his teacher if he could have a bathroom pass to go clean up his ear.  He could feel it draining and wanted to catch it before it went overboard!  One glance from the teacher and it was "Oh No, you can't have a bathroom pass, but you may go to the nurse"!  So, one look from the nurse resulted in a phone call to me of HE CANNOT BE IN SCHOOL.  Her next question?  Have you seen his ear?  I said ummm, yeah.  It looks great. 

I think she thinks I take drugs.

So, off to school I went.  I left with the understanding that Kyle could not return to school until his ear was no longer draining. 

Today we were off to the doctor.  His ear has opened a bit, allowing a peak inside.  All that she could see was a lot of infection and still no view of the ear drum.  This left us with only one choice. 

He has an appointment with the Ear, Nose, Throat doctor on Thursday morning to drain his ear.  Yep, they use an instrument that resembles a tiny straw.  If we do not go through this process, Kyle could remain out of school another two weeks.  And, as much as I know he would thoroughly enjoy his time off, HE HAS TO GO BACK!  I mean really.  I'm having nightmares about homework!

I will keep everyone updated in regards to the infamous ear.  Tomorrow I will be posting a recipe.  It was yummy and I want to share with everyone!  So, come back to visit.  Who knew ear infections could be so interesting?

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