Monday, August 9, 2010

Jewelry Store Update

We returned on Sunday to retrieve Jeff's ring.  If you haven't read, the previous post as to our customer service nightmare, you can read it here.  Jeff went in by himself, I just didn't trust myself not to say things I would later regret if the person who waited on us on Friday was there.  So, I sat in the car and Jeff went in alone.

He ended up with the same girl, who greeted him warmly and asked how his weekend went with a smile.  He wanted to tell her it stunk because she ticked off his wife, but decided against it.  He just asked to pick up the ring.  She brought it out to him, handed it over and said "here you go".  Jeff looked at the ring, and then asked her what the jeweler had said in regards to the issues that we had been having and if there was something that could be done.

She stood there looking at him.  (Can you hear the crickets chirping?)  Literally, she stood there looking at him.  (As he was telling me this story I'm thinking maybe she has multiple personalities and forgets which one says what)  Jeff at this point asked for a manager.

The manager spoke with Jeff and took his ring to the jeweler who then discussed options we had to make the ring sturdier.  Once that was accomplished, he informed her of the situation that had occurred on Friday.  She apologized and asked to see me.  Jeff brought her out to the car, where she apologized in person and said that she didn't know what to say in regards to the actions of her employee.  But that a conversation would be had and it would never happen again.  She then took my rings in and had them cleaned and polished in under 5 minutes.

Moral of the story?  I still don't have one yet.  I'm still irritated enough to know that if I was to ever have that woman approach me in that store again, I do not think I would hold back my tongue.  Will I ever buy anything there again?  Not sure of that answer yet either.  Seeing as there isn't a dire need for jewelry in my future, I will probably have a lot of time to ponder that answer.

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