Saturday, August 21, 2010

Reminder: Puppies Like To Chew

Jeff and I ran out for lunch today.  All of the dogs stay in our sun room when we go away, Bella is in a cage and the rest just stay back there via a baby gate. 

When we returned, Bella was in our kitchen and the three other dogs were still in the sun room.  Now, it is common knowledge that Bella can jump any fence.  Or climb one for that matter.  What confused us was we could glance back and see that the door to her cage was still locked shut. 

As we went to investigate, this is what we encountered.
Yes, that is the arm of the couch

Guess she felt she needed some more cushioning in the bottom of her cage

The gaping wound

Bella not looking at the camera because she knows she is guilty

We finally realized that if you look back at the first picture, you can see that the links on the top of the cage are not connected.  She must have been pushing and pushing to disengage the links, and scamper through the top of the cage. She most likely escaped through a space about 6 inches.  It couldn't have been easy, and it had to have hurt.  I wish I could have watched the other dogs watching her.

We have adjusted her cage so that she can't do that again.  And moved it away from the couch.  I am now off to look for a slipcover.

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