Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back To School

I took this photo from my cell phone after dropping Kyle off for his first day of his sophomore year.  It was nasty yesterday.  We received almost 5 inches of rain.  Nice day to send the kiddies back to school!

Kyle has always struggled in school.  It is a known fact.  Known to me, Kyle, his grandparents, the guidance counselors and so on.  I dread the beginning of the year because I know I have to work just as hard as Kyle does. 

Last year was especially tough.  It ended with me meeting with the child study team, guidance counselors and I believe the assistant principal trying to establish a plan for Kyle.  I thought we had a plan for this year. 

Hence the word, thought!

He came home yesterday with his paperwork.  He is in a freshman homeroom, but taking sophomore classes.  Even though there were a few classes he didn't pass last year.  For example, he failed Algebra.  But, he is taking Geometry this year! 

So, I went to school with Kyle this morning.  You stand out in the sea of teenagers all trying to meet with a guidance counselor because their schedules are wrong also.  The lady at the front desk picked me out of the crowd in a heart beat.  And it is not because I'm taller than all of these kids.  Kyle alone is a good 7 inches taller than I am. 

I did receive some answers that I hope turn out to be true by the end of the week.  He should be settled and in the correct classes by then.  Now, all that is left is finding a good tutor for him for the year. 

Is it Christmas break yet?

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