Friday, August 6, 2010

Customer Service?

Jeff and I headed to Orlando this afternoon.  We had a few points left on our Disney Vacation Club that needed to be used before August 30th, or we would lose them.  The date works, because it coincides with our rings needing to be checked at the jeweler that we bought them from.  Every 6 months we trek to Brandon to make sure all is well.

Out of the 4 times that our rings have needed to be looked at for the warranty, Jeff's ring has had to stay behind to be repaired due to loose stones 3 times.  You may be thinking that is good that they are catching it.  I would feel the same except Jeff only wears his ring on weekends, and then only if we go out, and if he remembers to put it on.  So, his lovely ring mainly sits on the dresser in our bedroom.  The last time we brought them in, which was February, Jeff's ring had to stay behind.  We voiced our dissatisfaction at that time, but moved on.

Today we stopped at the jeweler, who for now will remain unnamed until I can decide how I want to proceed, to have our warranty review.  We walked in, were greeted, gave the sales person our paperwork and rings and told her we needed our rings checked.  She took them and walked away.  3 minutes later, she returned and this is how the conversation went:

Her:  "When do you want to come and pick up your rings?"
Me:  "Oh My God, are you kidding me?" (Not quietly, but not yelling)
Her:  " OH MY GOD, WHY DON'T YOU LET ME FINISH TALKING?" (Much louder than me)

Jeff is standing between us, looking mortified.  Jeff then tried to calm the two of us down, and explained to her that this has happened every single time we come in with this ring.  She then proceeded to praise us for bringing the ring in so that it will be covered under the warranty if we do lose stones. 

Me:  HUH?!

At this point my mind was racing.  Since customer service is a top priority in my job, I could not believe that this woman had said what she did.  I eventually walked away and into the bathroom to cool down.

Jeff continued to talk with her and explain that we were frustrated with the continued problems.  She again apologized but that was just the way it was. Jeff again told her there had to be a defect in the ring.  She offered to see if there was a replacement in the store.  Jeff told her he would appreciate that.  She then excused herself to go look at a computer.  After being gone around 4 minutes she returned and asked what day we would like to pick up his ring after being repaired.

Me:  (only in my thoughts this time)  What happened to looking for another ring?  Am I to assume it isn't an option?  They don't have that ring anymore?  They won't allow an exchange? 

Jeff told her we would pick it up on Sunday.  She then turned to me and asked if I would be leaving mine behind as well to be polished.

Me:  Absolutely NOT.  (I couldn't talk to her at this point to inform her that every time I have brought my ring in for a check up, they have cleaned it and polished it without me having to leave it behind.  I was so angry I thought I would burst)

We left his ring behind and will pick it up on our way home on Sunday.  I'm hoping there will be a manager present to talk to us.  I should be calm enough at that point to speak reasonably.  The sad part is, we rarely enter this store and not buy something else.  We were looking at something when she approached.  She never asked if there was anything else she could do for us, if there was anything we would like to see.

As much as it was her loss, it was the stores even more.  Her behavior has changed my entire outlook on this store, which before this I loved.  This will go down in my thoughts as the customer service lady from HELL.

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