Friday, August 13, 2010

Bella and Duchess update

Bella decided I needed a kiss while I was sitting on the floor with her last night.  She slobbered all over my lens.  It was time to get it cleaned anyway, I guess.

Here she is giving me a profile shot.  Isn't she a beauty.  I laugh at the baby gate in the background.  We haven't needed a baby gate in forever, but we have 3 strategically placed around the house for the dogs.

And this has to be one of my favorite shots.  Please notice that her hind legs are up to her neck.  She has these long legs that she just doesn't know what to do with.  And how about that tail?  We have a friend who called me and asked when we decided to adopt a baby giraffe.  Bella goes back to the vet today for her final series of heartworm treatements.  30 more days and she should be good to go!

Duchess update:  Duchess is doing well.  She will be on steriods probably for the rest of her life.  Her bronchitis is gone, and the steriods will help keep the inflammation around her heart down for the time being.  The vet was astounded at her bloodwork, that it didn't look like the bloodwork of a 15 yr old dog!

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